Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is how much our late Christmas tree cost. $2.70!!

Justin took Mia to get a tree this morning, and they were all nearly picked over. (Imagine that, December 20th, and they're out of good trees.) He called and told me that we ended up with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, so I was expecting the worst.

But this isn't bad...especially for the price.

It's a bit shorter than we usually get, and this one has poky needles. See how good I am with species names? I just skip it altogether, and go with the aesthetic value of the tree.

Species? Breed? Style? What would it be - help me out here.

Mia was very excited that she picked this tree "all by myself, Mama!" Good thing there were only a handful left on the lot. I can't decide if it was so cheap due to it's being sad and forlorn, or due to the poky needles. Either way, this is the least we've ever paid for a tree, and my Holiday Cheer is officially here! (It seems my Holiday Cheer is penniless.)

We got to decorating right away, and it went pretty quickly - Mia's enthusiasm was catching. She dug through the box of ornaments (she kept saying, is it time for the "mints" Mama?) and I remembered that being my favorite part of tree decorating as a child too. It's like a lot of little presents being dug out to play with for just a few weeks. Or just a week in our case!

Lauren supervised. This was dull for her until she got hold of a giant silver jingle bell. Then she was excited, too.

We ended up with all the kitschy ornaments on the front, with all the boring matching balls on the back, but Mia loves her creation. I had no idea she'd be so excited; maybe this was a good side-effect from waiting so long to get our tree. She's been seeing them at other places for most of a month now, and her anticipation has grown the whole time. She was happy to add the finishing touch, too.

This little angel has been on our Christmas tree since Justin and I first had a Christmas tree at our old apartment. She used to fit our 3 foot pre-lit tree perfectly. Now she seems a bit small, but we have never felt the need for a new one. She's our angel, darn it. She's watched our family grow.

Sniff. Tear. Ahem.

So it's finally done, and I can feel Christmas on it's way. It doesn't hurt that it's only 14 degrees outside as I post this. If that's not Christmas weather, I don't know what is.

Oh, wait...SNOW is Christmas weather, that's what.

Now I'm off to wrap presents! Hooray!

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