Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's on her mind lately

Last night when Justin got home from work, Mia was so excited that she immediately began outlining the fun things she wanted him to do with her. This is normal.

Apparently, I'm not rambunctious enough. Which is fine with me, but poor Justin gets bombarded with games the second he walks through the door. Only last night was even more urgent because he had been sick all weekend, so the hyper playing had been missing for several days.

Before he even got thru the door, Mia was yelling all the games she wanted to play: stand on your hand, throw you, chase you, pillows. Justin said, "OK, OK! But I need to go to the bathroom first, and I have to go NOW!"

Mia called after him, "Don't go pee in your pants Daddy!"

Ever helpful, that one.

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