Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Quick Photos

1.  I tried to get pictures of Landon planking (or whatever the baby approximation of that is), but the boy army crawls too quickly these days.  He was on me in a heartbeat.

2.  He's developed the affinity of babies everywhere for playing with mom and dad's high-priced technology rather than those juvenile, primary-colored baby toys.  Just the good stuff, man.

3.  Mia was browsing through pictures of friends, and sat down immediately to write a pen-pal letter.  But it had to be done outside, where she could enjoy both fresh air AND privacy.  Pen-pals are too important for mama to see what the letter is about; they are only required to write the address on the envelope.   

4.  In the girls' bedroom under the bunk bed beside the box of Barbies, there is a magical place which holds Landon's third greatest love (because my cell phone and camera take top honors): the Barbie cars.  These have the added benefit of being NOT off-limits, so he scoots across the house and into the girls' room whenever he gets a chance.  He grunts and squeals the entire time.  To reach the Barbie cars = baby nirvana. 

5.  On his way to nirvana, though, he usually has to watch out for dressing up girls. Their high heels are dangerous and not at all well-controlled.  But they do make a satisfactorily noisy clamor.

6.  If it's not one dressing up girl, it's another.  In fact, it's USUALLY this one.  Lauren of the I'm-a-princess-ladybug-ballerina-fairy-fighterfighter (firefighter. try to keep up.) and you have to be the evil queen-butterfly-prince-raccoon-bad guy.  She is four, and so must I be, if I am to keep her adequately entertained.

7.  And I just figured you NEEDED to see this sour-face.  The pears and blueberries gave him quite a pucker...

What have you been up to this week?  Any dressing up or sour-face-making?  And what are your weekend plans?


  1. What a cutie :o) I heart busy babies <3

  2. Oh my goodness, PRECIOUS! This makes me miss you guys so much!

    And Katherine's going to be so excited about the letter! :-)

  3. LANDON. I need to hug him. I neeeeeeeed to hug hiiiiiiiim :)

  4. I am dying of cute and quite possibly baby fever. Thanks! :)


  5. Barbie cars and baby nirvana ... I love you, Sarah. So funny!


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