Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little More and She Would Have Been a Pixie For Real

This business of bedroom sharing has led to an abundance of stuff all shoved into one small space.  Toy bins are double parked and shelves are overflowed.  The closet is a nightmare.

But the girls seem to love their shared space, so we persist.  Well, okay: they actually have no choice.  It's either bedroom sharing or one girl moves into the bathroom.  Which I understand will happen anyway upon adolescence, so we'll forestall it as long as we can.

So the bedroom is crazy.  And on days like the one in question -- a day that will live in infamy -- when Lauren is having a 'nap' alone while her sister is at Kindergarten, she seems to make a bigger mess than both girls would do together.  I imagine her to be compensating for her sister's non-presence with a bit of toy-overkill. 

This day, I opened the door to 'wake her up' and was met by the single WORST mess I've encountered at this point in my motherhood.  Granted, nothing was oozing or bubbling or bleeding...but the toys.  They blocked the door's swing so I could only peek inside helplessly. 

Immediately, I saw that my sweet darling Lauren was trying to hide something.  She sat crouched over a small object in the midst of the rubble, eyes wary, an excuse ready on her pretty lips.  So I shoved in, worried about the stress on the door's hinges from my super-mom strength (hee), to discover the object of her secrecy.

And that's when I realized that the mess was the least of our problems.

For there, in her perfectly formed and innocently soft hand was a pair of red-handled, preschool scissors.

It's true.  She cannot be trusted with scissors.  Not that I allowed her to have them in the first place, only I wish I knew when and how she'd snuck them into her lair bedroom.

And I'll tell you the sad, sad truth:

It was ALL I could to to keep a straight face while explaining the consequences of her illegal activity. 

My mouth simply would not stay stern. 

This one...

This one is going to keep me on my toes.

And I love her to little bitty bits.

Now, tell me: should we go with bangs?  Or a super short and sassy bob?  Because we lost our time machine in all the mess of the bedroom, so there ain't no goin' back...


  1. I cried when my first cut her own hair. Just a snip. But, oh. That hair grew so slowly! Oh, and my second has the uncanny ability to make messes expand to unbelievable proportions. It all has to come out. And be arranged. In long lines and circles and across the beds and...

    Go with a sassy bob, she did a nice job of creating a pretty swinging swoosh in front. Perfect to hide behind. (maybe bangs would be smarter.)

  2. He he he... She will indeed keep you on your toes.

    I agree with the sassy bob.

  3. My 2 1/2 yr old grand daughter did the same thing last week. She really had no hair to begin with, but now her bangs look like a flat top!
    They all do it. I was 5, I had long ringlets, Mom went to get a pin to attached to the cape so she could trim my bangs, when she returned the first ringlet was GONE!

  4. Sassy bob. Seems it might fit her personality. ;) So far my kids have managed to do the most minimal of damage with scissors and their hair.

  5. I'd go with a bob. Katherine was begging for bangs a few months ago, but now that she has them she hates them and the growing-them-out process is driving us both crazy. We've actually been talking about getting *her* hair cut into a bob -- just so the bangs won't have so far to grow!

  6. Sassy bob for a sassy girl!!
    (L has a bob right now - it was her idea. It's below her chin in front and cut right to her hairline in back. She gets more compliments on it than I have ever gotten, total, on my own hair in my entire life.)


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