Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Life is Like a Box of Jello

At the store, I hastily bought ingredients for some unknown decadence. 

Brown Sugar
Dark Chocolate

And then at home, I searched.  I wanted the perfect recipe.  Something that says eat me, you fool, because I'm so delicious that you'll die a thousand deaths in a split second and then be reborn JUST for the express purpose of taking another bite. 

That's what I wanted. 

As I clicked through pages of possibilities (Foodgawker, I love you), the absolute clarity of the situation sidled up next to me -- as if it were my dearest companion -- and whispered into my ear

you don't have time for this.

And my stinking clarity was right.  I didn't have time.  I don't have time.  There's too much ELSE going on right now.  Obligations of the most rewarding nature, to be sure, but still.

Listen.  I'm a baker

I can cook almost anything, and I can do it fairly competently, but baking is my heart's one true love.  (Baking and reading, actually.  Those two tasks could fill my days with pleasure of such an otherworldly quality that I'm sure I'd reach nirvana if left to my own devices.)  Just now, though, I haven't baked much of anything.

It's a greedy wish: who needs to bake, after all?  I don't need to.  I merely want to.

But instead, I've made Jello.

That's right.

And you know what?

Jello is JUST right for our family at this point in time: Silly, Easy, Sweet, and Simple.

When life hands you Jello, make Jigglers.  That's my new motto.

At least until I can get my hands back into the flour canister.

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  1. Ha! At least you can make Jello...I have tried and failed...I know right? Anyway, in time the baking will come, but for now keep on Jigglin'. :-)

  2. Just take what you can in this season of life . . . and know that flour canister will be waiting for you when you have time for it. :)

    (this post makes me smile!)

  3. This made me want chocolate pralines. :-)

    I know all too well about the Jello. My poor family was eating on the fly for a couple of months there!

  4. Oh, I adore baking too. I'm trying to stick to bread right now, which takes too too long, but I'd like to be a little less of an overachiever in the big belly contest.

  5. Oh yes I always want to bake at the most inopportune times. I solved that by slathering a spoon with peanut butter and then rolling it in M&M's, but jigglers are good too :-)

  6. Oh, I do love your new motto!
    Seriously, there is such wisdom in embracing what works for your life right now instead of forcing something.

  7. ah, yes, this is EXACTLY what I keep telling myself about so many things I wish I had more time/energy for. And so, we do the best we can with what we have. loved this :)

  8. Oh drats! Don't you hate when ambition strikes in the kitchen and all you have time for is something simple? But you know, my kids just freak over Jello jigglers, and even if it took a quarter of the time to make, it was still made with love.

    P.S. Only you could craft profundity from Jello! I don't think even Chuck Norris is that talented ;)


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