Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Tilt/Shift

For our local newspaper this week, I wrote an article all about babies and how to get them to sleep better from the get-go.  It was full of what I hope will be helpful advice for anyone who happens to read it.  I felt good about it. 

Which is probably why the universe decided that I was getting too uppity and should be leveled down a few notches from my high-sleeping-horse. 

Last night was a horrible night, baby-sleep wise. 

At 11PM, sweet Landon woke up hungry, so I fed him.  No big thing.  It's the usual.

At 1AM, darling Landon woke up whimpering so I popped his binky back in.  Sorta unusual.  After he nurses around 11, he's usually comfortably out for the rest of the night.

At 2:30AM, precious Landon started seriously crying.  I rearranged his swaddle, found his lost binkie, rolled him back to his back, and felt...wetness.  Poor buddy had had a diaper explosion all over his jammies and blankets and bed.  15 minutes later, he was snug and clean and warm.  And asleep.

At 4:30AM, angelic Landon SCREAMED hysterically into a silent night.  I ran to his side to find him already asleep again. 

At 6:00AM, happy Landon was gnawing on his fist, so I fed him.  No big thing.  Again, it's the usual.

But taken as a whole, it felt like the night that would never end.

Today, my usually smiley boy is a little...


Kind of like his mama.  I've been fretting and worrying about what this could mean.  Could he be sick?  Could I have eaten something that's upset his tummy?  Could he be falling away from being a super-easy-without-really-trying sleeper?  In short, I've been going crazy, and all because of ONE fitful night. 

It's taken me most of the day to remember that babies are unpredictable. 

As much fun as it is to admit that Landon is a gloriously easy sleeper, it's also imperative that I don't forget the unpredictable part.  The part that tells me not to get too comfortable with any one habit because {BOOM} it will change. 

Tilt.  Shift.

And if I'm not careful, I'll be left thinking that we're doing something wrong when life takes a tilt/shift.

Landon is perfectly normal.  He sleeps well sometimes, he gets fussy sometimes, he smiles sometimes, and he forges new routines sometimes. 

Always, though, he will change.  And if I truly meant what I said yesterday -- that I'm excited to watch my babies grow and blossom into something new each day --

then I need to remember the tilt/shift. 

So maybe I won't fall flat on my face when it happens again.

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  1. Oh, those sneaky (freakishly adorable!) babies! Q pretty much slept through her first two months of life... and hasn't slept much since. She's still up at least twice a night to eat, but she tilt/shifted a bit two weeks ago on us and now goes down to sleep without crying or needing to be held for a long time. I'll take it :)

  2. Indeed! And wouldn't it be great if we would actually listen to ourselves instead of turning into a borderline-bipolar mess at the slightest hint of change? Your reminder of this (though perhaps an unwelcome grain of salt) was just as important as your advice column this week. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I didn't recognize that photo as your little L in the tagline at Melissa's. His face is unrecognizable without his characteristic perm-grin. :(

  3. After he was so sick a while back this night would have had me on pins and needles too. I hope you both sleep in peace tonight.

  4. Poor baby :( Is he teething? That will keep any baby up. And make any mama wonder where their sanity is!!! Keep your chin up! It gets better!! you'll survive!!! ((Hugs))

  5. Aww, hope that you have better sleep tonight. I also really hope for your sake it was just a bad night and not some sort of new thing hes going to do. I bet it was a bad night (fingers crossed).

  6. So I'm nodding in agreement, I mean I would be if I could stop my seething jealousy over the fact that your baby sleeps through the night....since we have done it only once (once!) in 11 months.

    Ugh those babies are so lucky they are cute!

  7. Ahh yes ... just when it's all going swimmingly we're shocked back into the reality of uncertainty, which I, for one, have never really loved. But that ebb and flow actually defines the essence of normal -- that things will be as they are one day and different the next is as predictable as season. And at least there is that and a God who is never surprised by any of it. :)

  8. Laura, I don't think he's teething, just a little sick-ish. Kind of stuffy, but it could also just be that he's still getting used to sleep habits :)

    Melissa, don't seethe! G will get there, as you well know! But I WILL admit to being a bit lucky with Landon's easiness :)

    Hyacynth, YES: God knows all of it already. It makes life so much easier, knowing that.


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