Monday, October 17, 2011

Status Updates I've Been Too Sleepy To Share

::: I could totally feed twelve babies with these monsters. #ouch

::: You know when you start seeing double and your eyes cross from being so tired?  That's when I can't close them anyway because it would mean taking my eyes off of this boy.  Such a doll...

::: *snore*

::: I miss the postpartum nurses who got me fresh water at all hours of the night.

::: He's a champion nurser -- very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Justin says: "That's my boy!"

::: I've seen a man fall in love with his first child.  I've seen a man snuggle his precious second daughter.  I've seen a man cradle his only son.  Life is beautiful.

::: *snooze*

:::  Remind me again why we had hard floors installed throughout the entire house just months before we had a new baby? #TIPTOE!

::: Whoever invented engorgement should be punished.  By having basketballs strapped to their most tender parts.  And then bouncing on them.

::: Just when you think you can't possibly love him anymore -- he pees on daddy's face.

And a real status -- I need your help here!
::: What's your favorite cloth nursing pad?  I need SUPER absorbency, and my current cloth options don't hold up to the power of these founts. 

::: *zonk*


  1. Do you mean pads for your bra? I used I think they were medela reuseables and Bravado nursing bras (they came with pad inserts-which I took out of the pockets and just slapped 'em on my boob) I love these bras and still wear them even though I'm not nursing or pregnant...definitely worth spending the money! I always doubled up the pads....but I dind't have as much engorgement the second time around...good luck my friend!!

  2. Love the ones involving Justin! And so sorry about the engorgement! Someone gave me these nursing pads ( and I liked them, but I never had to deal with that much leaking.

  3. I never used cloth pads after my first, they always leaked. I like the Johnson & Johnson disposables best.

    More pics! ;)

  4. I have some nursing pads from Motherhood that work really good. My bra also has some padding for extra absorbancy... Love your description of engorgement! haha!

  5. Boo to engorgement! Such a wretched feeling!

    I think I used the Medela cloth pads, and I don't think I had any leakage issues with them. I think. It's all very hazy :)

  6. Ok, hands down, friend, and I promise you will thank me later despite the silly name -- bamboobies. They are fabulous!

    {John got peed on by the air rifle more times than we can count! Tell him he's been initiated. :) }

  7. I'm so glad you carved out a minute to share all these beautiful, sweet, silly moments!

    I wish I had good advice about the engorgement issue (because I leaked SO MUCH, you'd think I'd know something), but I'm all sympathy over here. I gave up on cloth pads after awhile b/c I soaked through them and you could always see them under clothes, etc. I eventually used Lily Padz, which look a little weird, but they're washable, reusable and they even worked in the pool (because I'm sure you're swimming now, right?). I don't remember being super in love with them, but they were the best I found. Good luck!

  8. Ha! Oh, our 3 boys were crazy pee-ers every time the diaper came off. We got hosed more times than I remember. But on the face? Don't think that ever happened -- sorry, Justin :)

    You! I miss you. And I hope you're getting some rest! And that the engorgement goes away quickly (like, super-sonic quickly!)

  9. It's hard not to laugh when dads get peed on. Or puked on. Or pooped on. Moms are used to it! =>

  10. I make some with super super absorbent material. If you would like a pair to try let me know!!!

  11. Awww! I just love these updates, it makes me go all baby crazy. It seems that all of you are settling into having a third baby very well!

    As for nursing pads...I always leaked and cloth just didn't work. Helpful? Nope.


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