Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No, I Am Not in Labor Yet

But I am busy: 

Busy taking hikes through the woods with my family.  There were boulders and ravines and streams and ledges and trails and rock stairways...but that didn't induce anything.  At least it was a gorgeous field trip, and maybe -- if I get around to it -- I'll show you some of the pictures.  (By the way, 'if I get around to it' technically means that I'll show the pictures if I fail to go into labor soon, begin to go crazy, and therefore need to distract myself.)

Busy baking pumpkin-tinged things that, so far, have been less-than satisfactory.  Do you have a really good pumpkin bread or pumpkin cookie recipe?  Something spicy and moist?  That I can bake if I get around to it?

Busy filling a bucket with acorns for Lauren's preschool class to use for some sort of fall project.  Our yard is covered in the things, and they require much squatting and bending in order to be gathered by moi.  Justin made me stop when I got tired of squatting and resorted to crawling along the grass.  He was worried I'd scare the neighbors, I guess. 

Busy waking in the middle of the night with false labor.  It's happened three times now and...I'm so confused.  Have you ever had false labor?  (I haven't.)  Or is this just, technically, pre-labor?  It hurts, but not bad, and it fizzles out right about the time I convince myself that we're finally ready to meet our son. 

Busy fielding wary looks from acquaintances because when they ask haven't you had that baby yet? my left eye goes all squinty from the effort of trying to smile and laugh it away effortlessly.  I remind them that I'm not actually due until Thursday.  I've looked due for a few months now, so I understand their confusion.  I try to be nice. 

Busy griping to my husband about how I don't feel like being nice anymore.

Busy reminding myself that everything will happen when it's supposed to, and I need to calm down and enjoy these last few days with my daughters who will no longer be my only children.

Busy crying because Lauren is about to not be the baby anymore. 

And busy going to bed early, convinced that tonight will be the night.

Or maybe today.

Definitely tomorrow?



  1. The waiting is awful. I had four false labor scares. One took me to the hospital. Two brought my husband driving across the state. It'll happen. Don't go crazy. (and please, remind me of this in four months. I'll be losing my mind.)

  2. So, when I was pregnant with my first Husband and I decided to go golfing. Well, he golfed and I walked. It was the day before my due date. We were hopeful walking would help. I stopped to get some water at the cooler on the course, and a polite college boy asked me when I was due. When I said "tomorrow" his eyes just about fell out of his head! I know he was imagining me having the baby right there and then. It was funny.

    I hope your wait ends soon.

  3. I hope you meet that little boy soon! in the meantime, here's my favorite pumpkin bread recipe:


    feel free to leave out things you don't like (I always leave out the cloves). And then smother that thing in cream cheese icing...mmm delish!

  4. My third was eight days late. I say that NOT to frustrate you, but to say: hang in there, mama. You'll both get there, and whenever it happens, it'll be the perfect time.

  5. Have I had false labor? Oh yes...every single night for about three weeks... And then I had to be induced anyway! Boo!

    Anyway...happy end of your pregnancy. Hope that false labor turns into real labor really soon!

  6. Ha! Sarah, you and I are in the same boat, only I still have two weeks to go! I hope it happens soon for you. Fingers crossed!

  7. soon! And I had no false labor the first time around but the second time I even went to the hospital with it!

  8. Hang in there! That's always easy for the person to say who's not 40 weeks pregnant though!

    I came across this simple recipe last week, but haven't tried it yet. Is it the same as yours? I think I'd add a 1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and some cream cheese frosting.

    I'm hoping baby boy comes soon!

  9. Aah False labor was a pain to deal with! (well, not literally painful but annoying!!!) I'm praying he comes soon!! I didn't think much of the due date until it came!! like a day promised to you!!

  10. Aah False labor was a pain to deal with! (well, not literally painful but annoying!!!) I'm praying he comes soon!! I didn't think much of the due date until it came!! like a day promised to you!!

  11. I'd love to give you my favorite pumpkin bread recipe except that when I want it, I simply go to my grandma's kitchen...that's where it is made. I'm sure she has a pinch of love added in just for good measure. Meanwhile, I'd rather hear you say you're headed to the hospital than making pumpkin bread anyway! :) Soon, dear friend, soon!

  12. My first was 3 weeks over, my last was 3 week early, I only tried it twice! LOL
    Blessings to you and your new soon to be arrival.
    Here is my favorite pumpkin bread, just remember it takes almost 2 cans of pumpkin, unless you cut it in half and make 12 muffins.


  13. I too have always hated the waiting. This too will pass, and the time will be right when it is right. Love to you!

  14. Poor baby!!

    This is the time when you start telling those people "What do you mean, I had the baby two weeks ago!" Just to be mean.

  15. With my fourth I had contracions from 32 weeks until I had the baby (four weeks early, my only one to come on its own). I would go to bed with strong contractions and they would keep going until I fell asleep. I think the more kids you have the earlier your body starts getting ready. I do hope he comes soon! You must write your birth story. I know some massage points to get labor going :o)
    I like your eye getting squinty because you are forcing yourself to smile...Haha!

  16. I am imagining you crawling across the ground picking up acorns. That is dedication to preschool art, I tell you.

    Hope you don't have to do the squinty-eye-fake-smile thing for too much longer. Hang in there (but, you know, not literally)!

  17. What about now? Are you in labor now?

    (Too much? Yeah. Sorry!)

    But seriously, I had the luxury of knowing exactly when my kids were coming, but I still remember that feeling. Those last few days of being pregnant with P, ugh! I literally felt like I couldn't make it, so yeah -- stay busy

    Post the hiking pictures! Because you won't think of it after the baby's born and I really want to see them.

    I'm thinking about you, honey!

  18. You're due tomorrow!!!!! And you're having pre-labor (because it definitely can't be false, you're sweet baby boy would never do that to you, right?!)! So soon, Sarah, hang in there!

    I made these pumpkin cookies the other day that were very good, and moist, and pretty low-fat (bonus!). They don't require much pumpkin but the flavor is definitely there.


    She's actually had a lot of pumpkin recipes posted lately that look pretty good.

  19. Happy Due Date day....he will be here soon, even if not soon enough. Take a load off and enjoy your last days of being pregnant(remember how much you missed that feeling before?)
    So excited and can't wait to hear that he is on his way!!


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