Monday, August 8, 2011

The Watering of Mia

When Nana asks for your help watering the flowers late one summer evening, you might oblige.  You might have to grip the hose tightly, because the fount of water is squirrely and forceful.

It will take all of your concentration to aim the hose where it needs to be aimed -- at the base of the flowering shrubs.  You will begin to wonder if you are up to the task after all.

Thankfully, you will decide that watering the flowers is neither as important nor as fun as beginning to play in the hose yourself.  This takes neither concentration nor aim, and is, therefore, highly entertaining.  Refreshing, too.

And once you begin playing in the hose, the evening's watering schedule will quickly be discarded in favor of more enjoyable pursuits. 

Like giving the hose back to Nana and making her shower you with cool water, drenching your dress and plastering your hair to your head.  You have growing to do, after all -- and you are as stunning as any flowering shrub.

How did you stay cool this weekend?  Were there any squirrely hoses in your arms?  And did you, perhaps, become drenched with joy?


  1. haha, we were at grandpa's house this weekend, and my kids did the same thing!

    I love the seriousness in the first two. She was on a mission!

  2. She's so cute! I love that last picture! (Well, I love them all actually, but I especially like her smile in the last one!)

    Watering Mia seems like the best way to water those flowers.

  3. My boys have, of course, taken something like playing in the hose and put their own special spin on it. They currently like to turn on the hose, spray each other down, fill up anything that can be filled up, and then try to climb in it. They've been flooding the backyard and the playroom off the yard every day for the past week, but you know... it's so darn hot that I could care less :D


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