Monday, August 29, 2011

The Adventure List

Emily at Keeping Time has called for participants in her Adventure List project, and I'm trying to organize my thoughts enough to share!  For now, here's my list; I'll add to it when I remember something adventure-worthy, and THEN...

I'll take a peek here each Monday (or, as many Mondays as possible) to see what story I want to tell you guys.  You should join in, too!  Make a list of your adventures (big or small -- they don't have to qualify for their own reality tv show to be considered an adventure in your life!) and let Emily know that you'd like to participate.  She'll link to your blog and we'll all get to read each other's adventures. 

Now, come on -- let's get crackin!

Sarah The Heavenly's Adventure List
In this lifetime, I've....

1. Floated in a hot-air balloon.
2. Danced in a snowy gazebo.
3. Walked through a cloud in the Alps.
4. Gotten lost in my own backyard.
5. Cried while leaving a doctor's appointment.
6. Been laid flat for a surgical birth.
7. Given birth without medication.
8. Been the winner of a hula-hoop contest.
9. Harvested and canned my own garden's tomatoes.
10. Danced in a spring break outfit I sewed myself.
11. Tickled my toes in the Caribbean Sea.
12. Fallen asleep while driving through a North Dakota night.
13. French kissed on an island in a Canadian lake.
14. Been too afraid to speak.
15. Lodged a swiftly floating canoe under a jagged tree trunk.
16. Been harassed by a tropical bird in the zoo.
17. Prayed over the heads of my sleeping children.
18. Held the hand of a deceased loved-one.
19. Been inspired to write my own novel.
20. Watched the Aurora-Borealis.
21. Flown over the Atlantic ocean.
22. Decided to run away from home.
23. Escaped a party to walk on the silent docks of the Chesapeake Bay.
24. Thought my house was about to blow away.
25. Cried in front of a police officer.
26. Watched dolphins play in the Gulf of Mexico.
27. Held a baby mouse in the palm of my hand.
28. Drank local red wine on the banks of a lake in Italy.
29. Gotten a sunburn in Cancun.
30. Wondered if my husband would make it home in time for the baby's birth.
31. Picked wild blueberries on a hill in the Ozarks.
32. Been to a circus.
33. Played spin-the-bottle.
34. Won a show-choir competition.
35. Fallen in love.
36. Played the violin.
37. Talked back to sheep on a hillside in Switzerland.
38. Feared for my health on a train to Liechtenstein.
39. Been baptized.
40. Taken Holy Communion.
41. Stayed in a hotel -- alone -- for a week.
42. Been proposed to.
43. Broken up with a boy while already dating another boy.
44. Been to a Broadway play with my daughter.
45. Watched Dracula, the ballet.
46. Played racquetball with my husband.
47. Been dunked in the deep end.
48. Played peek-a-boo with sea lions on Catalina Island.
49. Gotten drenched at a water park.
50. Almost run an entire 5K.
51. Fit into a size zero.
52. Fit into a size eight.
53. Baked cinnamon rolls from scratch.
54. Stuck my foot in my mouth.
55. Smoked a cigarette.
56. Hiked at Mother Nature's Crack.
57. Driven a boat.
58. Climbed backwards down the high-dive ladder.
59. Shot gravel from the back of my tires.
60. Witnessed the birth of a baby.

More to come....


  1. Your list is spectacular dahlin.
    I'm especially interested in
    #45,#43,#42,#35,#32,#2,#3,#1, ... oh heck all of them. ;))))

    Emily's idea really got me thinking about my adventures as well. Except I'm only on #47. I'm planning on sharing my list, too. If I can think of 100 to share from my sheltered life.

  2. Don't fret, Alita! I'm not even aiming for 100...but once you get rolling and remembering they come pretty quickly. Post your list, post your list!

  3. Oh, I've been think about my list and yours has really inspired me to "get crackin'."

    I share with you a sisterhood on a few of these, including #30.

    And my favorite was #58.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your list is great! I can't wait to hear more!

  5. I love the list! I think it is a great idea and also reminds us to think of our journey here as an adventure and not just something that is difficult!

  6. Yeah! Another adventurous soul! Your list is much longer than mine. I have discovered in doing this little exercise that I live one tame life!

    I look forward to hearing your stories!


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