Friday, June 17, 2011

Some Quickety-Quick Takes for June

1.  In what was perhaps a fit of pregnancy-enhanced tastebuds, I made delightfully fresh chicken salad sandwiches one night this week.  And I added loads and loads of fresh dill.  Oh, the crisp, light aroma.  Oh, the bright, airy flavor.  Oh, the seconds and thirds I consumed.

Oh, the husband who gagged on too much dill. 

The girls were fine: Lauren loved the chopped grapes and Mia loved the white-bread buns.  They tolerated the dill, and didn't complain too much.  But the husband, the pickle-hating husband, had one taste of dill and lost his appetite.  But what do you think?  Does dill remind you only of pickles?  Because I think I'd love it in lots of things, though I can't really place -- right now -- what those things might be.  Any ideas? 

Of course, I won't feed your suggestions to the husband. 

2. While driving in the car, we see a shirtless man walking near the river.  Botched discussion ensues.

Lauren: Heeeyyyy!!  That man was nakied!!
Mia: *after a momentary silence*  Mom?  Why can boys wear no shirts, but not girls?
Me:  Because boys don't have anything that needs to be covered up on their chests.  Girls wear shirts to keep our private parts covered.
Mia:  But...daddy has nipples, too, right?  Why aren't they private?
Me:  *Crap*  Um...well...yes, boys have nipples, too.  But it's different.
Mia:  Why? 
Me:  *Why me, God; Why?*  Well, girls' chests are curvier and...more private...and they' know...they're just...not for anybody else to see.  *Derrrr...also known as the definition of private...*
Mia:  Just for babies to get milk?
Me:  Yes!  Yes!  That's right!  Babies!  Hey you know what?  The baby just kicked!  Do you think he's ready to go swimming at Nana's house?!?  I am!  And then we can have POPSICLES!!  Who wants popsicles?!?

3.  Why am I never prepared for discussions like that one? 

4.  Oh, hey -- Kam at Nap Wars?  I've been trying to comment on your blog for a few weeks, and it's doing that awful thing Blogger has going on right now where it doesn't recognize my Google ID and since you don't allow anonymous comments (I think), and I can't find a way to email you...what I'm saying is, I have comments to leave!  I want to tell you that I was so BUMMED when your baby didn't play along at the gender-revealing ultrasound!  I want to tell you that you MUST go to one of those stand-alone ultrasound places, because I'm DYING to know your baby's gender!

(And I hope you don't mind a quick-take being devoted to you and the contents of your uterus!)

5.  Sisterly love and respect is rampant in our household this summer.  See?

6.  But in the end, I really do think they're best friends.

7.  Which works out perfectly, because they have the same goofy, camera-foiling smiles.  That's a best friend requirement -- didn't you know?

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!  More Quick Takes are at Conversion Diary.


  1. Sarah, you CRACK me up!!

    I always explain the boobs being private and needing to be covered to the little one who asks a lot of questions by saying that if they were exposed, they might get dirty. And we don't want babies to have dirty milks. :)

    Dill. I think of chicken salad sandwiches, too, actually. Not just pickles.

    Also, to KAM at NapWars -- I've been trying to comment on your blog for weeks, too! And blogger won't let me. And I cannot leave a name and URL because it's not an option, which is what I normally do hen blogger is being wonky. {Sarah, I hope you don't mind that I used a comment on YOUR blog as a message. lol}

  2. Something tells me I'll never feel completely prepared for conversations like that. I've probably got awhile, before I have to worry about that though, right? RIGHT??? :)

    And that picture of Lauren sharing her popsicle with Mia? Sweetness. Pure, sweetness.

  3. Hehehe, I love the Nap Wars comment. Blogger has been giving me the same issues, drives me crazy! And on boobs needing to be covered, that is a tough one, since mia is technically correct, and men have nipples too. My 4 year old is just starting to scratch the surface on wierd conversations.

  4. Oh, I love those pictures of your girls! They are so pretty and sweet and full of personality.

    Take #2... WOW. I kept recopying tidbits of it to paste here and thus show my appreciation, but the whole thing... WOW. You are hilarious :)

  5. I'm never prepared for those questions either, but you handled it very well. I'm the queen of diversion so I probably would have jumped straight to Popsicle, too.

    Speaking of... that picture is TOO CUTE!

    The boys still share a bedroom because they want to but were too rowdy before bed so we put Dom in the guest room. Seconds later he was asleep, but Anthony came out and said "mom, dad... I miss bro. He's my best friend and I sleep better when he is the room with me" MELTED MY HEART!

    So yes, I understand the sibling love. IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!

  6. Wait.......You mean we can't go topless?!

    I know. That was a weird introduction. Hi, I am your newest follower and Mama to Lucy.

    This entry was adorable, as are your girls! I look forward to reading backward on your blog and getting to know you.

  7. so I like pickles, but we use dill in a lot of things it has a very "green" (if that makes sense) flavor. This is a favorite, not "pickle" tasting recipe...even though it's cucumbers.

  8. Oh Sarah (and Hyacynth) - I've been feeling so "out of pocket" lately. How could I have missed this lovely quick takes?! I am so proud to have a whole item devoted to me and my uterus and I will surely investigate the hiccup with my blog pronto so my lovely internet friends can share comments.


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