Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lauren and The Green Popsicle

The first bite is a doozy....

The middle bites are slushy and perfect....

But the juice leftover at the end is the coveted trophy of popsicle excellence.

So much so that one might even wish to sing a sonnet to that juice.

Or at least reward its chilly, green countenance with a healthy smooch of appreciation.

That is one lucky popsicle: it's not everyone who gets to reap the sweetness of a kiss from Lauren Jade.


  1. My 3 year old asked me to eat her popscicle because she was done with it. But I had no idea she meant eat the popscicle but leave the juice! We were able to fix it, but there were many tears over the missing juice, and it was a pretty desperate situation for a few minutes there.

  2. Love all the pics, but that last one seals the deal! So cute.

  3. Totally. That last bit of juice is the best. But don't tell me kids. Because I refused to let them have any at the lake last week, and if they knew mama had every laid tongue on one, I'd never hear the end of it. ;)

  4. YUM! And the popsicle looks pretty delicious, too!


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