Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bigger Picture Blogs!

A year can do so much, can't it? 

It can transform a group of hopeful writers and friends into a flourishing community of voices.  It can grow people into the artists or creators that they've dreamed of becoming.  It can fill a life with joy in the midst of hardship or boredom or stress or worry. 

But the best thing about a year, is that it renews itself.  It will roll over into another year of hope and expression and experience. 

So here we are, celebrating the first birthday of Bigger Picture Blogs, and I, for one, feel so uplifted by belonging to this community of friends.  And so excited that the year is rolling over into another unknown space of time. 

If the past year is any reflection (and we know it is), then what's to come will be beautiful.  Thank you, my friends, for joining in with us as we celebrate!  After all, it's you we're celebrating -- the chance to know and love you, and the peace you bring into our lives. 

While I sing to you (you'll have to imagine...and do so with lots of missed notes and giggles), please join me in sharing your favorites -- link them up at Undercover Mother (your own moments or those written by another; as many as you wish!) and you'll be entered to win a gift basket filled with a few of our favorite things.  Check out the other links there to read some the year's best moments -- maybe one of the favorites will be yours?!

(Speaking of favorite things, have you entered the giveaway at Hyacynth's place for a chance to win a necklace made by Corinne of A Soft Landing?  Go now!  You still have until 7PM tonight!)

P.S. One of my personal favorite Bigger Picture Moments -- one that I frequently return to -- is Like A River, but I won't link it at the Birthday Party because someone already has.  (Thank you!)  Nevertheless, I want to share it here -- it's a good one!

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