Friday, June 24, 2011

Dandy Baby!

Do you know the fabulous Dawn at Spontaneous Clapping?  You should; she's...fabulous.  But that's not the point right now.  The point right now is that she's begun a new blog called Dandy Baby, and it's all dedicated to homemade, fresh, healthy BABY FOOD.  And I'm not joking when I say that I almost crawled into the screen to hug her in (inappropriate) thanks. 

(While licking her cyber-spoons.)  (What an odd statement...)

Honestly, I cringe when I think of feeding our new baby boy any store-bought baby food in the future.  Because I cringed when I fed it to Mia and Lauren.  Because it looked and smelled so...not good.  I can't say that it tasted bad, because I was always too squeamish to actually try it.  How terrible is that?  To feed my children something I'd rather not eat? 

Anyway, with both girls, we rushed past the pureed phase of life and dove straight into soft-cooked chunks of whatever Justin and I were eating.  It worked out well in that they became accustomed to normal foods, and learned finger foods with reckless abandon.  But I still think pureed food is wonderful for introducing new flavors as well as being super convenient when prepared ahead of time. 

Therefore, I promise to make fresh purees (at least some of the time) for Heavenly Baby Boy, starting with Dandy Baby's simple, lovely recipes.  How can I not, when they look so gorgeous?  So EDIBLE?  I know edible doesn't sound like high praise, but compared to what I usually think when I look at a jar or tub of store-bought baby's major.

I hope when little Peanut is old enough for non-purees, Dawn will regale us with soft, mashable, (hair accessorizing) finger foods, too.  Then, maybe, kid-friendly, healthy options for toddlers and bigger kids.  Because I'm in love with her baby food blog.  She takes beautiful photos and makes everything look perfectly, possibly simple while offering tons of inspiration for what to make next. 

You should definitely check it out.  And make some puree.  Even if it's just for yourself.

Because how delicious does Minted Summer Peach sound?  And Blueberry Pear Oatmeal?

WILDLY delicious, that's how.

Now.  Thank you for your kind attention to my radical excitement. You may return to your non-crazy-super-fan-type reading. 


  1. Hi Sarah! I still need to check out her blog so I'm not sure what she suggested, but I used a 'Magic Bullet' to puree all of Molly's foods. (it's for smoothies & whatnot but I used it for baby food & it was perfect & SO easy). Let me know if you have any more questions! It's actually sort of fun to make! :)

  2. Ah!!!! I just sent you an email- you sweeties... all these compliments and you practically have me besides myself!!

    A Boy!!! Oh my gosh, are you guys just so excited?! I'm excited!

    Oh and when it comes to tasting commercial food... only taste the fruit. seriously!

    You know, there is a technical term for skipping the purees, it's called Baby Led Weaning and it's pretty popular. I think it's awesome to get your kids to eat table food ASAP.

    You can just make some of my recipes in their whole form and skip the blending if you like :)

    Thanks again, friend!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll definitely check it out!

  4. Commercial baby food is so gross! Even the organic stuff that costs a million dollars isn't that great. I've been skipping it as much as I can with Nessie, but I DO have time this summer to whip up some home made purees!

  5. Thanks so much for the link, Sarah! I made a majority of Ben's food but I got tired of the same old, same old after so many weeks. I am very excited to have some new options to try with the upcoming arrival!

  6. I can't even tell you how happy I am that you shared this! I've been making some of Soph's food and can't wait to get some new recipes!


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