Friday, May 6, 2011

7 Quick, Startling Discoveries

1.  Searching for Roly-Polies earlier this week accidentally unearthed a red and black snake, which my three-year-old gleefully described in minute detail before admitting that she lost it among the rocks.  She did wish, however, to try and find it one more time, making my eyebrows both rise and shiver simultaneously.

2.  Letting my responsible, crafty five-year-old keep a pair of scissors in her bedroom for quiet-time art projects led to an unfortunately shortened window-blind drawstring.  And an unfortunately lost temper.  And a new rule about where the scissors must be stored.

3.  The idea to take a few photos of the bubbles flying around us on a windy day only led to terrible frustration as those glorious spheres scattered away -- into bad light, before ugly backdrops, out of the focal point -- into the blue sky.  But a bubble is still cool when held stationary on the tip of the wand.

4.  Oh, but when that one bubble floats directly into focus, it might be worth the frustration of 30-minutes of attempted captures.  Even despite the dead-end signs in the background.  (Which somehow make the picture more interesting, I think; I tried cropping them out, but the effect was a little boring.)

5.  No matter how much I worried that this was inappropriate, I wasn't quite able to deny Mia her time amongst the mannequins.  I blame Old Navy. 

6.  It would appear that weeds, when tugged from the earth so carefully as to keep their roots intact, will last nearly forever in a water-filled vase.  It makes sense.  But something about those dangling roots in the bottom of the vase seems either heartless or cruel.  It was a good thing the flowers on top were sweetly distracting with their purple petals.

7.  The return of the pregnancy-induced afternoon nap is back, folks.  It took a long vacation from weeks 8 to 15, but now, in week 17 (holy moly), it's back with a vengeance.  So off I go with it....I really have to fight against it would be futile....


(I hope your weekend is lovely!)

(See?  I talk in my sleep sometimes.)

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  1. I don't even know where to begin! A snake? Yikes! And, did I ever tell you about the time Katherine wanted to go outside so she "snipped" through our screen door with her brand new scissors? Apparently there's a learning curve with those things --

    I love both your bubble shots, too, by the way!

    Enjoy your nap!

    (And, oh my goodness, this comment feels random!)

  2. I love that picture of Mia with the mannequins. She's so adorable, they should make a mannequin to resemble her!

    17 weeks?! Wowzers! Seems like only yesterday that you announced it! Hope you had a great nap!


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