Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watery Wednesday

These eyes are blue and crystalline and humorous.  They see so much; when she was an infant, I sometimes got the feeling her scrutinous gaze would embed memories on her mind that would come back to bite me later: Mom, remember when I was a baby and you picked your nose while I had tummy time?  I totally saw that. 

And though I doubt she'll ever say that particular sentence to me (because, you know, it's not true...ahem), I still know she sees everything. 

But what to do about these pesky allergies?!  Nobody in my family has allergies, so to see sweet Lauren's red-rimmed, watery, itchy eyes dominating her adorable face is too much.  She buries her fists in them and rubs those eyes into submission, but I'm afraid that only makes things worse. 

I've given her cold cloths to place there for some relief, and she likes them, but I feel like I could be doing more.  At the same time, I don't want to give her medication if there are other things that will work in this case.  She seems fine otherwise -- a little sneezy perhaps -- so I hate to medicate for lots of maladies she's not burdened by.

Any ideas?  Something naturally effective for my blue-and-red-eyed girl?

(And don't you LOVE those earrings?  She does, too!)


  1. We all have allergies around here and someone, somewhere, told me that a teaspoon of honey made from your area will help with allergies. My boys love peanut butter and honey sandwiches so it's not too hard to get it in at least every other day. It seems to help, maybe a little. But even if it doesn't, the honey sure tastes better from our farmers market than the grocery store! So it's a win win! I think.

  2. I too was gonna go with the honey...I think you have to eat it everyday for it to work....just a spoonful of honey, now there is a good medicine ha ha!!

  3. Oh man we are serious allergy sufferers around here. My poor little 2 yr old is hit the worst, I think, besides me. Soooo

    I second the local natural honey. It gets tons of rave reviews in the earthy-crunchy circle and ppl swear by it.

    I, myself, have a long list of joyful tasks *cough cough* that I recommend. Wash her sheets often. Keep her window closed (SAD!) as much as possible. You might be looking to a lot more A.C. this year, if you are not already used to using it much. Evening baths including hair washing (Already part of your routine, I think?) are my number one best for helping her sleep. Wipe off her face and arms every time she comes in from the outside, too. A cool washcloth across my eyes felt great when I was a kid.
    Good News: she might not have troubles all season. The different pollens kick up at different times. Reassess every few weeks.

    Also - I gave my A kids' Claritin and it works like a dream. Zyrtec is famous for lousy reactions in kids, but a half dose of kids Claritin works wonders for us AND it starts working with the first dose. We give her a "night off" at least once a week and determine how she's doing without it.

    If she starts coughing a lot you might want to make a trip the doc.

    Good luck! and I fell your pain, and hers too!

  4. I also love a homeopathic remedy called Tree Pollen. It seems to work well for most people. If her allergies get worse than that, I would take her to the doctor. You can go to a one of the doctors that specialize in natural remedies. I totally agree with the baths and the washing. It really does help. also, if you have animals, you need to do the same thing for them to keep the outside allergens out of your house. Good luck.

  5. We bought an air purifier for the girls room. Inside air can be much worse then outside. In the height of the season, I give my 5 yr old medicine, but otherwise we muddle through.


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