Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: Earthy Like a Child

It was chilly that day. Barely above 60 degrees, which, after several days of near 80's, induced goose-bumps on our pale skin. Still, the girls wore sundresses. Their shoulders are so narrow under growing piles of hair; they might as well be babies for how wistfully I admire those shoulders.

But I hoped they'd wear a jacket.  I was shivering watching them play.  I wanted them to stand still in a patch of sunlight and soak it up like kittens, or better yet, I wanted to snuggle them next to me so they'd stay cozy.

It wasn't to be.  They kicked their shoes off, 'set their piggies free'*, and danced on the cold grass.  The sky above was the kind of blue that makes you wonder where it's been all your life -- surely it's never been so bright before?  So free of haze or glare?  Surely a sky like that must be played under, despite a chilly breeze?

So they played.  Their skin was cold each time they dashed back to my side, but they laughed it off; they just didn't feel it.  They only felt the freshness, the sun, the grass, and the sky.  They felt childhood, really.  The time when nobody cares how cold the creek is -- they wade in and return with red toes; nobody minds the sweat of a summer day -- they simply dash through an icy sprinkler and get back to business; nobody is irritated by that giant mud puddle -- they see only opportunity and splashes in their future.

What must that be like?  To live without worry or irritation?  To simply dance under the blue sky, tickling your toes on cool grass?

I'll try it if you will...

*I highly recommend listening and dancing to this delightful Ziggy Marley/Sesame Street song.  It's so fun, and fits today's moment perfectly!  

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  1. That's what I like best about being a mom - the chance to go back and be a kid again, if only for a few minutes at a time.

  2. I always wonder how kids do that -- they are totally impervious to feeling chilly! I'm glad they were so in the moment though, so sweet and happy, because you got some great pictures. I love those little feet in the clover!

  3. I always marvel when my kiddos request kiddie-pool time when it's just barely 70 degrees. It's too cold! Or maybe, it's not.

    (I love those blossoming trees.)

  4. Kids have it so right! Those pesky little nuisances are just that, and yet we spend our days moaning instead of playing. I guess I better get to enjoying what is!

  5. For me, it's always too cold or too hot, too bright or too humid, too windy or too still. I wish I could ignore it all and get lost in the sheer wonder of play, like my kiddos. Great moment to capture, Sarah!

  6. Oh how I love it! Lauren's hair IS getting so long-she almost looks grown up, but still has that adorable baby face!! We watched that episode of Sesame Street...loved it!!

  7. I love this thought. And I'm going to ponder it in my heart. What might it be like to not be so stinkin' serious about everything. {Also, you and Lenae are brain twins today, which I find AWESOME! because I love you both as much as I love gelato. Maybe more.} <--- That's a lot. ;)

  8. Your pictures (and kids) are so gorgeous! I feel like at this point in my pregnancy, I've been forced to live in the moment lately. It is not easy for me to let go, and I am still freaking out about the upcoming birth, but since I am physically HUGE and pretty much incapable of large amounts of work, and even planning is limited by the looming event of labour and delivery, I am forced to take a seat and just breath. And it's been good for me.

  9. Oh what a wonderful day!! My girls will try and go barefoot even when it is snowing!!!


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