Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Tease

Things are beginning to turn green around here, but only teasingly.  (And only when color-boosted with a simple photo editor.)  It's warm and golden one day then freezing and gray the next, leeching whatever color we'd begun to regain. 

But on those golden days, those days not prone to induce shivering...we go play.  It almost makes it worse the following day, when we're trapped back indoors.  Not trapped, really, because we could bundle up if we felt like it.  If we all liked being in the fresh air enough to not mind its frigid quality. 

I wish I were an all-weather sort of mom, I really do.  It would be so much easier to have outdoor time every day, and I know it would help our moods.  Unless the dreary chill made me grumpy.  But then, spring is around the corner -- by my calculations, in which March, April, and May equal spring, it's here already --

and it's getting easier to make it work.  The sun heats up the backyard nicely in the late afternoon, and we can explore.  Stretch.  Fly.  Dance.  Yell at the top of our precocious little lungs. 

The gray trees and blanched grass will brighten up, I know.  The air will lose its chill, I know.  The color will come back into our world, and we'll soak it up with healthy greed. 

And then it will get hot and I'll be ready for fall. 

There's no pleasing me, but I swear the color burst that's about to happen will help it go more smoothly.


  1. Eeeeeek! You have grass? And it's even turning green? Soooooo jealous. We are still under 3 feet of snow, and frozen solid. On the upside though, we've had a few weekends in the +20F, so we were able to go to the zoo. The big cats are suprisingly active in the cold weather!

  2. We are seeing tiny signs of spring too and I am just ready for it to be ALL spring!!

  3. So we're living in alternate universes today ... I wrote about the same thing! lol.

    I wish I were an all-weather mom, too. It would be SO much easier. Times a billion. But I'll go along with you on the it's March, so it must be spring thing, if you'd like. :)


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