Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The End of the World as We Know It

I've avoided the prospect of kindergarten for Mia so thoroughly, I've failed to notice that this week is enrollment week. 

THIS week.  As in, the past three days have probably seen hundreds of on-the-ball parents enrolling their bright and eager children in kindergarten, while I've been sitting around, coloring pictures and folding laundry.  Doing the normal things. 

How does a mother -- a self-professed hovering mother -- miss kindergarten enrollment?

Perhaps it's a Freudian slip.  For years now, I've dreaded the inevitable onset of kindergarten. 

It's a gigantic leap ahead in my first baby's childhood, and it truly, honestly terrifies me.  It's exciting and inspiring, too -- yes.  But more than anything, this step signals to me that Mia is a little girl to be let go of. 

She's entering the world now in a way she hasn't before.

Or, she will once I've made my way to the elementary school this morning and enrolled her for the fall semester.  Doing this feels like releasing her to the whims of reality.  So off I go, birth certificate and other personal particulars in hand which will allow her entrance into elementary school this August. 

The world...


They sound the same to me.


  1. Oh, and she's going to rock kindergarten's WORLD!

    (here's a hug for you, though!)

  2. You and me, we are in the same boat. My little Brijet is destined for K this year and I am not quite sure either of us are ready. Want to hold it off,keep her young for a little bit longer. She is my baby afterall.

  3. Mostly they sound the same because, well, they are essentially. But God goes with her whereever she goes. {I tell myself this, um, every day. So reminding myself.}

  4. Oh my, yes. I had no idea how much Kindergarten would effect me. It was a lot. A lot. But not for her. She did great.

    You have a big year ahead, but it's all good. Really.

  5. It is so hard to let them go. They learn so much and we still need them.


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