Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ice Cream Timeline

1. Become frustrated that all of the ice cream is unreachable within the deep, jagged perimeter of the irritatingly bland cone.

2.  Try to delve as deeply as your tongue will allow, still cursing the crispy cone.

3.  Admit defeat and allow that the only way to reach the ice cream is to BITE the infernal cone.

4.  Savor the last drops of available ice cream while melting the camera's lens with your achingly blue eyes.

5.  Beg for more ice cream.  Receive anything your heart desires because WHO could say no to those baby blues?


  1. I definitely could not say no to them ;)

  2. LOL I definitely couldn't say no to that face either :)

  3. Me either! I'd melt to her wants, too.

  4. This is cute. For some reason the pictures didn't pop up when I read this, but the word descriptions made it all sound delicious.

    It's funny that I've been blogging about ice cream, too (and I'm not even pregnant *and* I gave up sweets for lent. blurgh!).


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