Friday, March 4, 2011

Five for Friday

First, have you seen my friend Alita's giveaway?  It's for MORE HOTTER SHOES!!  This is the last giveaway from Hotter that I know of, and you have GOT to go enter -- these shoes are wonderful and quality and pretty.  And expensive.  But not for one lucky winner....

Second, Mia yelled and yelled last night for Justin to come into her room after bedtime.  (I'd thought we'd moved past this...)  Her majorly pressing question?  "Hey Dad, why don't belly buttons have any bones?"  I was glad it was him trying to explain biology and anatomy, and not me.  That late at night (approximately 7:35pm), I'm not up for such trivia.

Third, have you checked out my Heavenly365 photo blog lately?  I'm having FUN over there, you guys.  All of my photos aren't fabulous (in fact, most are not), but they're providing such a running pictorial commentary to what our lives look like right now.  The colors and adventures and boredom and moods and's wonderful to think so much can be conveyed through a series of photos, without a single word.  The lack of need to explain or expound is freeing.  But it's also a little frightening.  I mean...I'm a writer.  Sort of. 

Fourth, Mia's recent imaginary play has rendered me half amused, half concerned.  The 'daughter' in this cast is either throwing a massive tantrum, face-down on her bed or sleeping away the day (with a selection of delicious cupcakes at her feet as a luxurious treat).  And the parents have either been incapacitated by exhaustion or relegated to the floor for the daughter's comfort.  But at least she's using her imagination....

Fifth, my dear friend Lenae had her much-anticipated baby girl on Wednesday!!  Sweet baby Quinn is a doll, and I wish I could smooch her darling, tiny, plump cheeks in person.  But will you join me in smooching them via cyber-kiss?  Happy Birthday, Quinn!

P.S. I'm on my way to my first pre-natal appointment this morning...a finally heard-heartbeat awaits!  Wish us luck!


  1. girl, don't say "sort of". you ARE!

  2. Oh good luck, Sarah! I have pre-natal appointment envy! Ours isn't until Monday. Gosh, we really do have a lot in common!

    I am jealous of your wonderful photoblog. I may try to start one of my own. Not sure that I could remember to take a picture every day, though.

  3. Too funny! I love the interpretation of what's going on with the dolls. And the belly button trivia - that's a good one!

  4. I love that sound thump thump thump. It softens everything inside. Sigh. I wanted to hear it all the time.

    Thank you, by the way for your most wonderful comment. Today.

  5. Love the barbie stuff. My girls amuse me with all their barbie imagination too. Quinn is so adorable! Hope the appointment went well.

  6. Ahem. You mean you ARE a writer. As opposed to sort of. Right? Right??? :)
    And yay for baby heartbeats!! Sweetest little noise that side of the womb.

  7. I love the belly button question, that's awesome! I've also been enjoying your pictures. Now you can be a writer and a photographer!

  8. Oh my. There should have been a warning before the picture. Something that said "DANGER--You may find yourself wanting another baby if you look at this picture" or something.


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