Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Down-Low

You guys!  Thank you so much for all the love and congratulations!  I've been holding off on making the announcement for reasons about which I'm not even clear.  I've known for 4 weeks now, and it's truly not like me to keep secrets this long; with both girls, the whole world knew within hours of my positive tests.  I mean, BABIES!!  I usually can't not divulge that.

(And so begins the guilt of third-child neglect.  Why didn't you scream MY conception from the rooftops, mom?!)

But it feels different now that everyone knows.  For one thing, I can proudly unbutton my jeans first thing in the morning, loop a rubber band through the button hole, and call it proper attire.  I can squeeze into my favorite long-sleeved t-shirts and not worry that my belly looks like it's filled with too much dinner rather than a tiny baby.  And I do mean tiny; it's still early days, here: 9 weeks, if I've calculated correctly. 

So here's the real nitty-gritty --

::: I'm feeling pretty good.  Definitely not as sick as I was with both girls, although late-nights will find me roaming the kitchen for something to ward off the queasies (but not actually consuming anything because nothing sounds good). 

:::  My cravings, if they can be labeled as such, are all off-kilter from the usual.  You know me, right?  The lover of donuts?  The worshiper of baked-goods?  Blech.  Not interested.  I want salty.  I want...biscuits and gravy.  Spaghetti Red.  Frito Chili Pie.  Twice-baked potatoes.  PIIIIZZZZAAAA.  I want trucker-food, in short, and it has me concerned for my health.  But put a brownie in front of me, and meh.  It feels really weird to admit these things: will I ever go back to normal?!  Sugar, don't desert me now!  (Oh, but the sugar I'm actually in love with right now must come in the form of bright, red berries.  Swoon.)

:::  Justin wants a boy so badly that the color blue is probably bleeding into his irises.  Well, he wants a boy, but he'll be delighted with a girl, he assures me.  He knows what it is to be wrapped up in a little girl's sweet fingers, and more of the same would be fine with him.  But a boy!  A sport!  A ruffian!  An outdoor-pee-er!  Yes, Justin wants a boy.  And the obvious differences in my cravings, combined with the..ahem...timing of conception...makes the possibility of a boy seem not unlikely.

:::  I would love a boy, yes.  But I'm a little afraid of the concept, to be honest.  B...b...boy?  This would equal the toppling of an empire.  The shake-up of the pinkness.  The teeter of the drama-totter.  B...b...boy? 

:::  I look like I'm approximately 5 months pregnant.  This is discouraging, but I trust that my body is all Let's get this show on the road -- I know JUST what to do.  So in support, I'm all Slooooow down, body, let's not be hasty.  You seem to be ready for twins or something...

:::  Which is to say, I'm a little worried it's twins in there.  I feel bigRound.  (I know, I know...I'll look back and scoff at my declaration of BIG in about 6 months.)

:::  Which is to say, please reassure me that third pregnancies just pop with incredible speed, and the chances of me carrying twins isn't really all that likely...Seriously: reassure me.  (Not that the blessing of two babies at once would be lost on me.  But...just reassure me?)

:::  My first appointment is in a few days so I'll know specifics then, but I believe I'm due in early October.

::: Yawn.  I don't have energy for more right now.  I'd take 4 naps a day if I could.  I'm tired.  I don't remember ever being so sleepy...

::: Snore...


  1. Yes, I showed earlier with later pregnancies. Well, some of them, and each one has been one baby at a time. I'm glad you are feeling relatively well. Maybe your cravings will transition with each trimester. Enjoy! And nap! I tried to nap every day of pregnancy.

  2. I didn't tell with my pregnancy wih my little one until I was nearly 14 weeks. Just couldn't do it. Its kind of fun to have that secret hiding around, but then again, the second time I would sometimes forget too. Oh, hey, I'm pregnant! (not now. Just tired, and craving avacado. I think it has to do with March. Ahem.) My cravings with each girl were so different, I was convinced my second was a boy.

    All that to say - I'm glad you're feeling okay. I can't wait to meet that littlest heavenly baby. Boy or girl. You'll do great.

  3. Oh my goodness yes, third pregnancies DO pop with incredible speed. I was so embarrassed when I was forced into maternity pants at EIGHT WEEKS with my third pregnancy. I was four months before I even set foot in a maternity store with my first baby. Whenever strangers smiled at me and asked how far along I was, I was tempted just say, "Oh, five months" rather than watch their mouths fall open while they stammered to say something polite about the state of my belly so early in pregnancy. So don't worry! You're not the only one!

  4. a couple things:

    1. yes, definitely pop earlier each time. with #3 i looked like i was in my third trimester by 18 weeks. (with #1 i didnt even SHOW at 18 weeks.)

    2. i had 2 boys followed by a girl and the boy pregnancies were exactly the same; the girl pregnancy was totally different (worse, if i am honest). also, 3 for 3 on timing of conception, here. i'm betting you are having a boy! boys rock. so much fun. (but girls are fabulous, too!)

    3. congratulations!

  5. I've been craving trucker food this pregnancy too. Chocolate is still nice, but give me pizza, cheese, nachos, fries etc. etc.

    I am always big with my prengnancies, people are always asking me when I'm due by like 5 months preggo. It drives me nuts. I'm 7 months along and everyone seems to think that I am about to go into labor any minute, all I hear about is how huge I am. So I can feel your pain.

    Also, We have the same dilemma about girl vs boy. A boy would be nice I suppose, since we've never had one. But we are used to girls now, and we like them alot. And 4 little girls in a row would be adorable. So in the end, we'll be happy with either.

    Glad you are feeling well!

  6. I'm having a boy, but my husband and I actually wanted a little girl so that Evie could have a sister. Honestly though, we're super excited but ridiculously anxious as well. I have no clue what to do with a boy!

  7. Oh yeah, my third DEFINITELY popped out faster than the others. And by my fourth even my doctor thought I might be having twins because I was so big early on (remember that?). So I say don't worry about it. Chances are it's only one, but if it is two I'm sure you and Justin will handle it better than most!

  8. Oh my goodness!! I missed your announcement!! Congratulations!!!!!! Yay!!!

  9. Hmmm...that description was EXACT to the detail of me at nine weeks with our *twin boys*! ;) Hehe...
    I have popped out way huge with this baby--but I blame the boys for stretching things out!
    Hope you get all the naps you need! Sleep is gooood!

  10. I was so with you on the whole "B-b-boy?" thing a few years ago after having two girls. But, of course, you do get used to it and it's even easier in some ways (as long as you remember to point it DOWN!) :) And I also craved starchy, carb-loaded foods with Tate. Just saying'... ;)

    And yes, I was GINORMOUS with my third! I had strangers asking me at barely 5 months if I was ready to pop any day. The only thing I was ready to "pop" was them. Heehee.

    Still so excited for you! I think we need to see pictures of your adorable growing tummy! :)

  11. I was just talking about this the other day with a group of women - two pregnant, one with # 3, one with #4, and we all agree that we showed sooooo early in later pregancies - I did get bigger throughout, I think - others report getting big early and staying that way for a while. It'll be a fun little experiment for ya ;-). And - yeah - I didn't announce #3 and #4 until I was nearly 4 mos with each of them. Don't feel guilty. You have a lot going on :-).

    I always checked the gender with the Chinese Lunar Calendar (the key is to use YOUR lunar age too - not your "real" age at time of conception, so... add 9 mos or so).... that way you can start thinking blue or pink or something in between.... Congrats, again.

  12. You are so funny! And you DO NOT look like youare 5mths pregnant!

  13. Yippppeee!! CONGRATS to you all! How wonderful! :) Here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy!


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