Friday, January 28, 2011

The Jumbo Pack, Unpacked

In the interest of getting the heaps of groceries out of the middle of the kitchen, I encouraged Mia in learning this important life skill: unloading and putting away.

She put her own spin on the activity, though. 

I turned around to see the most utilitarian of goods being turned into an amazingly envisioned, architecturally astounding tower.

She was careful.  She was precise.  She was singing.

She was squealing.

Why have I never put groceries away like this before?

a) Yes, there are couch pillows situated directly below my sink.  They serve as a makeshift step-stool, of course.

b) Yes, that is a LOT of toilet paper.  It was on sale, of course.


  1. I'm digging her construction skills and her socks :)

  2. Goodness! My kids try to do that with the canned goods, luckily it has never gotten quite as high!

  3. Ahhh, my kids aren't the only ones that do this! :) I don't care for the tp as much, as it unravels and starts rolling around the house leaving tp shrapnel around, but the huge packs of paper towels from Costco are individually wrapped!! Of course they also need to build walls and towers and kamikaze into them with bodies or cozy coupes... My kiddos LOOOOVE tp and paper towel stock-up day! :)

  4. so cute:) i just asked my babes yesterday, "do could pillows BELONG on the kitchen floor?"

  5. What? You mean you don't do this every time you put away the t.p.? :)
    She's adorable. Proof positive that the lights and whistles are not necessary. Just give them some t.p. and a song to sing!

  6. That's great! Savannah is happy with them in the package-just likes to sit/stand whatever on them so they never roll right on the holder ha ha, but always helpful to put away the groceries :) I didn't even notice the couch cushions ha ha.

  7. What a great teaching moment. You are doing a wonderful job of letting her learn that work can be fun and rewarding. way to go!!

  8. That looks like fun. I think I might do that next time I get toilet paper. But that is a LOT of toilet paper. Where did you put it all?

    P.S. The cushion thing? Ingenious. Stealing that idea.

  9. Amber - we have a large wicker basket in an empty corner of the bathroom, like an old, oval laundry basket. I pile it up in there, and it's always in reach :)

  10. My Anthony would do the very same thing as your Miss Mia. If I let him. And now I don't understand why I haven't. Parenting is so much about what to do and how to do it. Teaching can be fun but sometimes I really do forget about that.

    Good work mama. :) Oh and GREAT work Mia!

  11. How fun! Now I'm just curious as to what she was singing :)

    And, um, I always buy that much toilet paper. For just two of us. Hm.


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