Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: Dreams, Unnoticed

I get frustrated with writing.

I get stuck and bored and misdirected. Uninspired. The ever-exciting blank page also has the unwanted capability to intimidate, but I keep coming back for more.

Well, doesn't every writer? (Did I just call myself a writer?)

Earlier this week, I wrote about the 'work' aspect of my writing, and it still fascinates me that I can call it such a thing. Work. It's very small, and very simple, and I tend to think of it as a hobby with benefits. I tend to undermine its value by writing it off as unimportant. Sometimes I wonder if such a small article in such a big world can actually be called writing.

But a comment from Patty Ann made me stop in my brain-tracks and stare off into space for several minutes.

She said,

It is so nice to hear how someone, somewhere gets to live a piece of their dreams. And the best part is that you seem to love it.

My dreams? Well, yes: writing is one of my dreams. But...writing a newspaper column in my home town? Is that the same thing? It isn't a novel, and it isn't read 'round the world. It certainly isn't perfect. It isn't amazing. Somehow, in the space between of all the 'isn'ts', my dream-come-true has turned into a dream unnoticed.

But writing -- in any form, no matter the significance or scope -- is my dream. THIS is my dream. It's important. It's a building block (I hope), and even if it weren't it would still be worthwhile. It fulfills the fantasy aspect of my still, quiet life, and gives me an outlet.

What other fulfilled dreams have I ignored? Oh, nothing much: my lifelong hope and desire to be a mother, a wife.

No big deal, huh?

It turns out that a few of my biggest dreams have already come true, and all I need to do is turn them around in my head for a minute to embrace their truth. Their tangibility.

So here's to it.

I'm off to recognize my fulfilled dreams. How about you? Care to join me?

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  1. Wow. Dream unnoticed. Until I read that I never realized that I was in the same boat. My dream as far back as I could remember was to meet an amazing guy, fall head over heels in love, get married and have two kids. And my dreams did come true - and I didn't notice it. I'm with you, it's time to sit back and realize what has come true!

  2. You simply amaze me. You speak MY kind of language. I get this. This resonates with me. So much so that I'm getting off the computer this instant to continue watching wall-e (bean and my favorite cartoon)


    Thanks for this! It truly was such a feel good post that it immediately made me smile!

  3. (Aims)(Goals)...Dreams,I'm with you we need to look at the things we've achieved, the dreams that we've completed and reflect on everyday and simple moments that have combined to complete our dreams...a lovely post! Yvette x

  4. sarah, i love this perspective. love love love:) good reminder.

  5. I totally and completely get this, Sarah. I've often thought about what it isn't, too, which kind of negates in my mind what it is. And what it is -- it's a huge blessing.
    As trite as it sounds, keep living the dream. I'm going to as well.
    Also, I just love Patty Ann. She is always insightful.

  6. Thank you so much Sarah, for reading what I wrote and Hyacynth for also commenting. I loved what was written here today. It is so true. We can all get so stuck in the problems of life, that we forget to notice the joys. The simple pleasures, the beauty, the dreams, the amazing qualities that life really is. I have learned (the hard way), that we get to choose what we want to see. If we look for dreams, we will find them. If we look for the bad, we will find that too. Life is very much how we look at it. Thank you so much for being a part of my life. And for helping me remember my dreams too!

  7. I want to tell you, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" for this post. I have been feeling pretty low lately that my son (age 7) and I haven't been very close lately. Kind of like we're going through a growth spurt of independence (his) and my feelings of sadness at him growing up. We have been a little bickery at each other and every night seems like a challenge to get through and honestly, I have been feeling a bit, "woe is me" that my son isn't my best friend right now.

    But this post stopped me in my tracks, shook me, and dropped me on the floor. I have always wanted to fall in love, get married, have two kids, and spend my life that way. I *have* that. I didn't even realize my dreams came true. I was just living it, and taking it for granted, and thinking *I* deserved better days lately.

    And it couldn't be more far from the truth. I am so blessed, and I needed to wake up and remember that. I need to appreciate the kids *every* day, even the hard ones, even the ones where I think I deserve more. Because they deserve more. And the hard days are my *job* as their mother to get through.

    So, thank you. I was really down in the dumps over this and your post TURNED MY MINDSET AROUND. And I already see a difference in our relationship.

    God Bless. I think God put your post in my view after many hours of prayer requests for guidance.

  8. Robin, you made me cry :) See? Living our dreams IS important, because the way we live our lives affects other people's lives, too.

    I'm so glad this touched you and I hope you can find some common ground soon with your son. I know what you mean about changing your own attitude to change your kids' behavior -- the way we approach them can set the tone for everything. No pressure, right?

    Enjoy your dreams, honey. And thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.

    Thank you EVERYONE for such thoughtful comments!


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