Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Underneath the Mistletoe Last Night...

The air directly below
the leaves
is filled with peace: green, light, expectant.
For an inch of silence
the space
is free to breath and hope.
Drip, glance, drop down to
the middle
of the gap: wide open, slowly approaching what's below.
There's a flutter and giggle --
the nerves
are piqued and hesitant.
Where the space ends atop
the heads
of two sweet marrieds: one gray, one white.
A falling, a spilling, a moving --
their lips
meet miles below the mistletoe.
That familiar softness tells
the years
that time is nothing to fear.
Down and down
their hands
lock around fingers and plain, solid rings.
In waves around this love
the crowd
of family whistles and shouts:
Mother and Father -- debuting
their love
underneath the mistletoe once more.

This poem (of sorts...) was inspired by today's prompt at Bigger Picture Blogs, and by my grandparents.  Each year, in front of their brightly decorated Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, with the entire extended family watching and cheering -- a tradition unfolded.  They'd stand and kiss: Grandpa would dip Grandma back in a swoon-worthy kiss of old-school romance.  So, not exactly underneath the mistletoe, but...they didn't need it :)  Their love was -- continues to be -- inspiring.

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  1. This made me cry. I'm serious. I cried. It touched me right to my soul.

    I want this. I want to grow old with my husband. I love him for everything that he is and everything that he will be. There are actually still tears coming down my face because when I read that I didn't picture another couple. I pictured Nick and I... You are a fantastic writer my friend.

  2. Oh yes, this made my heart leap in the same way as Alita's: I want this snapshot for myself, for later, a celebratory, simple moment underlining a life well-spent with the very best of men.

  3. Oh, Sarah. Love this poem.
    I wish, I pray this for our marriages -- that the little eyes watching us would grow into adult eyes watching the same scene unfold over and over ...

  4. soooo nice! Flutter and giggle... swoon worthy.

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Awww... that's so sweet. I hope this is my story in the future (as well as now.) I'm left with a smile on my face. Thank you.

  6. So sweet and precious. Thanks so much for this.


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