Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Break According to Mia

A sampling of what's going on at Heavenly House on Christmas Break -- through Mia's lens, of course.

This is my Bedtime Bear -- I like it because I like the moon and the star on it! 

Look at her silly, sweet face!  That Lauren is beautiful!

I wanted to take of picture of the presents because they looked pretty -- and I'm excited about Christmas morning when we get to open all the presents under the tree!

I like the [Fruity Pebbles] rice krispie treats because they are YUMMY and they look pretty.  We made them because we like rice krispie treats, because they have marshmallows in them!

Mommy's making my favorite face in this picture!  She's looking really cool and it surprised me!
[Ed. Note - Pay no attention to the Christmas-break-mom with un-brushed hair.  It's just an illusion.]

I like this picture because it's Santa Clause, just, like, kind of STARING at me!

We hope your Christmas Break is going equally well -- with lots of prettyness and staticky, un-brushed hair!


  1. I'm going out tonight. I can only hope a mere shower will help undo the perma-ponytail in my hair.

  2. Cute pictures! Fruity pebbles treats just about put my kids into a sugary diabetic coma (of happiness, I'm sure!).
    Merry Christmas!

  3. hmmm, fruity pebbles treats sound pretty good!! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. These are too cute! And you are adorable with your Christmas-break hair! Mine may or may not have a sparkly "hair pretty" permanently knotted in it from our last dress up session!

  5. We are doing fun break type things too, sometimes. Right now my kids are making spaceships out of boxes and toys. Love.

  6. You and your girls are so funny!


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