Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bigger Picture Moment: Today Is For Playing

Right now, there is a box of Q-Tips scattered like pick-up-sticks across my living room floor.  There's a fitted sheet covered with dabs of multicolored paint from our last masterpiece session, which won't come clean.  A pile of wrinkling towels sits on the loveseat, napkins and washcloths wedged between the cushions because I've not touched the pile for 36 hours.  Powdered sugar dusts my kitchen floor. 

We are a mess.

And yesterday, I spent 15 minutes dusting the leaves of my peace lily plant.  Clearly, I'm so overwhelmed by all the tasks I don't want to do that I'm settling for trivialities. 

Either that, or I'm merely content to be scattered at the moment.  I'm content to leave those towels right where they are until the cabinet in which they belong is bare.  I'm fine with that stained sheet being stained.  I wouldn't change the powdered sugar on the floor for the world, because I see the white-lipped faces of my daughters when I notice the mess. 

I won't pick up the decaying pumpkin from the front porch, because it makes me laugh watching Mia's excitement as she inspects the newest putrid development each morning. 

We are living here.  We are painting and sculpting and exploring.  We are spilling and tossing.  We are learning and tickling, dancing and burrowing. 

And I love it. 

I'll clean some other day.  Soon, because I know my tendencies to become anxious and untethered if my house gets too far out of control.  But not today.

Today is for playing.

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  1. So true! It's hard sometimes to overlook the mess (well...not so hard on some days, depending on how lazy and/or tired I'm feeling :) but there's nothing wrong with LIVING in your house. That's what it's there for :) Thanks for making me feel better about my mess ;)

  2. I LOVE this! It is so hard for me to let go and actually play, but it's so worth it!

  3. Hooray for a playing day!! That's really a way of not letting our "stuff" encumber us.
    {On a complete side note, after I read this post this morning, I began thinking about how much time I spend picking up stuff. And I began wondering, do we really need all of this stuff? I spend so much time cleaning it and wouldn't I rather spend that time with my kiddos or blogging or something way better than just picking up junk off the floor all day, and oh, my, goodness, I think I should abandon this comment and just write a blog post about it because really, it's getting a little long and philosophical, perhaps, for a comment.}

  4. You are so right! I'm trying to remember to take enough time to play everyday. Especially lately since we have box after box after box to unpack. Thanks for this post :) Those boxes aren't going anywhere!

  5. Don't you think that sheets with paint stains complete you? Later in life when our children are well adjusted and artistic with their own children; we'll have forgotten all about said sheets. This is the "perfect" bigger picture moment. In the bigger picture our children will grow up and have children of their own. They will have their own "play days" because they learn by example.

    Good work, mama! I live by the "we work hard, play harder" motto in life. ;) It sounds like we have this in common.

    PS. Tender is the Night is actually my very favorite book, however isn't it hard to pick favorites? Doesn't it seem unfair to all those books out there that I haven't even read yet?

  6. Lovely. Clean is so over rated, especially when it takes away from the priceless moments you described. I too often have random towels, socks and pants, all clean, scatted on top of and in the couch. Whatever, at least it's clean, right?


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