Friday, October 29, 2010

7 Quick Run-On Sentences

1.  I had great plans last night to write up a really rockin' set of quick takes, but then I sat down to teach myself how to edit and save a video to my computer of Mia doing ballet in her Halloween costume, and lost all track of time while my ideas for quick takes went right out the window in a blur of pixellated confusion.

2.  But I DO have the cutest little dancing witch in the world, right?

3.  Since it's almost Halloween, I feel okay about telling you that I've eaten at least two small toddlers-worth of candy so far this week and I'm a little frightened to watch what might happen after the actual trick-or-treating takes place on Sunday.

4.  On Facebook last night, I posted a question that I was hoping would elicit absolute hoards of responses, but actually only received a few (wonderful) answers, so I'm putting the question to you all because I'm in desperate need of new songs to which I can exercise when my favorite running partner is unavailable: What's your favorite song right now?

5.  (I don't care if your favorite song is slow and smooth or wild and hyper -- I need a good mix of crazy beats and recovery tunes to match my infrequent bursts of speed and VERY common bouts of please can I stop running now?)

6.  Despite my whining, I've discovered that I enjoy a nighttime jog for some fairly odd reasons, one of which is the fact that my fear of the dark propels me with a strange sense of urgency to just.keep.going since I don't know what might be lurking in the shadows. 

7.  My new warm-cinnamony-lovin-spoonful-favorite food has led me to declare this the Autumn of the Rice Pudding, but since I'm the only one in my house (besides Lauren, who will eat almost anything) who likes its goopy sweetness, I'm left wondering how the outside world feels about rice pudding -- gross, or not gross?

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a happy Halloween weekend, and visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. I don't know if I have a favorite song right now, but I think the best running music is almost anything by Muse. - Especially the Black Holes and Revelations album.

    Often I can even jog to the beat of the song, which makes me feel really cool! :)

  2. Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Love jamming out to it.

  3. My new favorite is by Dallyn Bayles and it is titled, "How can I keep from singing". I love Rice Pudding, but it is definitely not on the diet, so I haven't had it in forever!! It is one of my favorites. Do you buy it? Or do you have an amazing recipe that you can share?? I personally enjoy walking more than running. It is so nice to get out and take a brisk walk in the morning. I think I am too chicken to go at night, but I admire your courage!

  4. Mia looks so cute in her costume!

    I love that you and Jill are still running. You guys are awesome!!!

    I... don't think... I've ever had rice pudding, actually. Hm. Must try, and then I'll get back to you on the gross/not gross question.

    Have a great weekend, friend!

  5. Favorite song: Saved by Love, Amy Grant
    Rice pudding: Gross (personally)

    Happy Weekend!

  6. 4. Hm, I'm not sure that I have a favorite song right now, but my favorite artist of the moment might be Darius Rucker. Also, I just downloaded some old Amy Grant - "Baby Baby" and "Lucky One" - and am loving that!

    6. Yikes! I hope that jog is never alone!

    7. I used to think rice pudding sounded gross, but I did have a good version of it at a restaurant once. I've never made it myself. I second the request that you share your recipe with us and then we can decide for sure!

  7. Quickly because I'm supposed to be doing WRite Pink! stuff, but I got sidetracked here when linking up -- my favorite work out song right now is Hella Good by No Doubt, and my most favorite workout album is The Postal Service.
    And she IS the cutest little dancing witch ever.

  8. I love the Apostle's Creed by John Michael Talbot. I don't know why its the only song I can think of right now, because its literally the only christian song I can stomache at the moment. But it always makes me cry.

  9. My favorite song lately has been Just One Person from Snoopy: the Musical. I first heard it at the Jim Hensen tribute. You can find it on youtube and I bought a version through itunes. It is about how if just one person believes in you, it can become 2 and then 3 and if enough people believe in you, maybe even you can believe in you. I love the youtube video of the muppets singing it.....oh, makes me want to cry.

  10. "Say Hey, I love you" by Michael Franti is my current favorite... it's just so fun!

  11. My favorite songs to run to right now are "When the Boys Light Up" and "Born Again" by the Newsboys. I go for a walk with my ipod, and when these songs come on, I find I can't help but pick up the pace to a run instead! :)

  12. You do have the sweetest little dancing witch ever. So precious!

    I've got a peppy, seriously motivating running playlist that I like. My three faves on it are Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," Britney's "Womanizer," and Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies." Just try to stop running during any one of those songs. Can't do it.

    And rice pudding ... not a fan here. But I say, make as much as you want. If no one else eats it, more for you! =>

  13. "Blessed" by Brett Dennen is my favorite song - upbeat and happy. Makes me want to turn cartwheels. I think it'd be great to run to! In fact, just thinking of it is going to cause me to be singing it all night long!

    Yes, you do have a darling dancing witch. Absolutely adorable!

    On rice pudding... I'm with Lenae - I've really don't think I've ever tried it. It just doesn't sound appealing to me, but maybe I'll have to give it a try. Or not. Still not sounding so great. ;)

  14. Sometimes I like to listen to "Get A Rhythm" by Johnny Cash when I work out.

    And I *always* like rice pudding.

  15. Favorite running song, play it after your warm up as the first song when you start running: Say Hey (I Love You) [feat. Cherine Anderson] by Michael Franti and Spearhead.

    Say hey, hey, hey....

  16. I don't do rice pudding because I have texture issues.

    Some favorite songs:
    Beautiful by Mercy Me
    Shine by Mercy Me
    How He Loves by David Crowder Band (version on Church Music album is best)
    Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars


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