Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesdays Around The World: Today

Today, we're peering down below us, to discover something amazing.  Even if it's just a line of ants.

Today, we're still celebrating how much we love our daddy.  And how simple it is to wrap him around our little fingers.

Today, we're wearing impractical shoes for a walk down the street, simply because the shoes are fabulous, and must be worn all day, every day, no matter the occasion.

Today, we're rocket-ship pilots, zooming through the air.

Today, we're scared of the barking dog, safely corralled behind a fence.  We're clinging tightly to our brave rescuer.

Today, we're worn out from a summertime walk, sweaty with humidity, and ready for a cool bath.

What did you do today?  Find inspiration and lovely photos of more Tuesdays Around the World at Communal Global.


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL post! I love all the photos, and those are very adorable impractical shoes. Best to start them early... as women, they'll need to get used to it. ;)

  2. Love this post - so simple and so beautiful and absolutely fabulous shoes!

  3. I'd wear those shoes all day every day too!

  4. Great photos that made me feel HEAVENLY! I like the first pic the most b/c of the perspective thingie.

  5. Sweet post. I spent the day with my dogs. LOL! The boys were out and about so I took my Daddy Border Collie, Ozzie, shopping for a new collar. I think we both had fun. :)

  6. Gorgeous shots, a simply ordinary and extraordinary day!
    You know what I did today... so I won't boast about it any more...

  7. aww love all the sweetness around here!!!
    Great captures!

  8. Did I really forget to comment on this post? Because I think I've looked at it about 1,000 times. I can't get enough of these pictures: the hand-holding, the sweet, sweet clinging, the rocket ship, and the fabulous shoes. I feel like I was right there too!


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