Friday, June 4, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #66

1. Last weekend was my sweet, adorable, (pink-flowered) niece, Evelyn's, 2nd birthday!  Happy Birthday, Evie-licious!  Now, you and your (orange-flowered) cousin can do matching two-year-old things, but no tantrums, please.  As if you were even capable of such things...(fingers crossed)

2.  And when I say 'cousin,' I do mean 'accomplice.'  These two are CUTE with a capital TROUBLE.  Their juice-drinking contests get pretty fierce. 

3.  Or maybe it's just Lauren who's causing all the trouble.  Remember last week when my newspaper article was about supervision being SO important for toddlers?  Remember that?

Apparently, I did not remember. 

4. At the grocery store this week, my girls insisted they wanted green grapes instead of our usual red, so I hoped for the best, and chose a nice bunch.  It's so hard to know what we'll get with green grapes.  When they're sweet, they're magnificently delicious and wonderful...but when they're sour, they're SOUR.  I've had better luck with consistently getting sweet red grapes than sweet green grapes. 

At home, I dug into the bag, washed a handful of grapes, and popped one into my mouth.  My eyes watered and my lips puckered.  My throat tingled and my tongue curled.  My skin shivered and my ears popped.  The grapes were beautiful, plump, firm, and so, so sour. 

With tears in my eyes, I thought it probably would have been better for me to steal a grape from the produce department, trying out its sweetness before committing to a whole bag.  But then I realized that probably wouldn't have been the wisest course of action.  Not because I'd have stolen something, but because the sour-face I'd made might have embarrassed me in the store.  Nobody wants to see that. 

But...what do I DO with this big bag of sour grapes?  Any ideas?

5.  Dinner table conversation of the week:

Justin: I need to go to bed earlier.  I've been way too exhausted in the mornings. 
Me: Yeah, me too.  But I do okay in the mornings, it's just right about now, in the evenings, that my exhaustion sets in.
Mia:  I get exhausted in the mornings, too.
Justin:  Huh.  Do ya, squirt?
Mia: Yeah.  Is 'exhausted' when you have a stinky smell in your mouth?

Surely a little girl as sweet as this can't have 'exhaustion.'  She's too cute for morning breath.

6.  Emily at Discovering Flowers did something similar to this the other day, and I think I need to do it too.  (Thanks, Em!) 

Complete this sentence:

Right now, I'm daydreaming about.....

7.  Last week, I mentioned an exciting new venture I would be telling you guys about soon....and TODAY is finally the day.  This afternoon, I get to tell you!  I plan to have the post up after lunchtime, so come back soon! 

Have a beautiful weekend, and be sure to head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. So those flower girls are adorable, Mia is clearly a genius using context clues like that, and you are SUCH a tease with your I'll-post-it-laters!!

  2. The stinky mouth thing is killing me!
    I'm daydreaming of a quiet peaceful day in which the kids play well together for the whole day... :)
    (Have I told you I can't get Paige to wear a dress? She just wont' do it. And it breaks my heart. Especially seeing such cute dresses on your girls!!! :))

  3. Such sweet pics this week! Even the markered-arms one! ;)

  4. 2-3. Cute indeed!

    4. I was always afraid to taste the grapes in the store, but two employees at two different grocery stores have encouraged me to do so, so now I do! So much better than getting home with a sour bag!

    5. So sweet!

    7. I agree with Lucy - you are a tease! See you this afternoon...

  5. Oh my goodness! Those girls of yours kill me! They are too cute! How do you stand it? ;)

  6. I never buy grapes without tasting them, sour face or not!

    I love the picture. We have had to hide or lock up all the markers in our house because if you turn your back on my daughter for even a second she colors herself or something else!

  7. Ugh... I got home with a bag of sour green grapes this week too. They are awful. My husband doesn't seem to mind though so he's eating them.

  8. Right now I'm daydreaming about... our upcoming trip to Europe. So excited!! Can't focus at work...

    Make something with the sour grapes, like something savory or a dessert (add enough sugar to mask the sour).

  9. Right now I'm dreaming about a margarita on the beach.

  10. Hello, I see you post comments on several of the blogs I follow and came to read your takes today. Very cute. one "wave" of children my sisters and I had was in 2006 and we have three little girls born in succession - Feb - May - Aug in 2006. My 2006 baby lives close to the Aug 2006 baby and we call those two our "trouble twins" they are accomplices through and through! When the third 2006 baby gets together with the other two, my sisters and I just HAVE to watch out! So I especially enjoyed Takes 1, 2 and 3.

    God bless.


  11. Levi would pop those grapes like candy. He is SOOOOO weird about food. He loves the strangest sour grapes.

  12. I agree with the others, tasting grapes at the store is a must. I'm daydreaming these days about the perfect homeschool curricula and surviving trying it out next year. Really, I can't think of anything else lately. I'm driving my husband nuts.

  13. When I have grapes I can't really eat due to sourness I freeze them then use them as ice cubes in my drinks during the summer. Granted, it is better with sweet grapes as you can suck them after, but with sour grapes they add a tang to the drink without spoiling it.


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