Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (Shakespeare)

This month's poetry challenge for Perfectly Poetical Tuesday is Shakespeare. Yeah. I know. I felt quite intimidated, too. But, since it is almost Valentine's Day, I decided to try my hand at some sort of heartfelt, romantic poem dedicated to my loving, gorgeous, tender husband.

Isn't Iambic Pentameter every guy's dream gift?

Now, this is only very loosely based on anything Shakespearean. But it's the thought that counts with PerPoTues. Plus, if I can write something short and sweet and mildly evocative of The Old Bard, you can too! Go see Stephanie at The Little Stuff of Life to play along and write your own poem.

As when the snowflake falls onto the earth,
And spears its crystal brow 'pon deadened grass,
I lay myself before thy waiting heart
With trust in thee to melt my frozen past.

But see the flakes which build a deepen'd drift?
Perhaps it is their fate I should desire.
For it would be a shame to melt so soon
When I could gently seep into your fire.


  1. You wrote such a tender poem, Sarah, and you found an amazing picture too. Wonderful!

  2. Isn't that snowflake gorgeous?! The photographer assured a commenter it was real. Not that I would dislike it if it were fake, but it is very pretty.

  3. Girrrrl, you are GOOD. Loved it! It actually made me appreciate the snow piled up outside my window (that has been there for 2 months now and doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon...) Thanks for the beautiful pic too!

  4. I agree with Emily; this is so tender! So.... emotional. I feel like I stumbled upon someone's personal note :) I'm finally posting mine for today... I really had no idea what I was doing, but at least it rhymes!

  5. Mmm, I love this. We all have some frozen past, right? But then the last line - where those pasts come to have a purpose - how redeeming. Great job!!


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