Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Swappin' Stuff

I have the most awesome women in my family. They plan things like Broadway Skits, Birthday Carnivals, and most recently, a Stuff Swap. Have you heard of these before? The idea is for each guest (in our case: ladies only, friends and family) to bring 10 items, more or less, they want to get rid of. Nice things like books, sweaters, paintings, shelves. Shampoo, wine glasses, towels, picture frames.

Then, each guest draws a number and takes a turn picking out one item from the pile of offerings to take home again. Stuff...being swapped.

When your number is up, you get to peruse the stuff and take the coolest thing you can find. It's like going shopping, but for free. We went through the list of 15 numbers six or eight times (who can remember?!) before deciding the rest should be donated away. There was haggling, name calling, and bargaining scattered all over the evening; it was terrific. Add some of this:

And you might end up with a little bit of this:

Scores were celebrated:

Competition was trash-talked:

Amazing discoveries were made:

Yes, those are my shy little tootsies sporting some new red stretch faux-snakeskin knee-high boots. I think the boots need a name. Suggestions?

More importantly, I need to now come up with an occasion on which to actually wear them. You know, without my face turning a matching shade of mortified. They are super cute...but...

You all know my boot difficulties.


  1. looks like lots of fun

  2. Snakeskin Super Boots! ... I know, right? I'm the best shoe namer EVER.

    Wear them to go grocery shopping. Totally subtle.

  3. Lenae, I KNEW I could count on you :) I do *like* being super...

    (And how the heck do you manage to italicize your comments?! It has something to do with html tags, yes. But I do not speak html. I do speak Lenae. Teach me, master. Email me.)

  4. Those boots look really nice with your jeans. I think with jeans you shouldn't redden to mortification, only with, like, a short skirt or something. Maybe then. ;)

    You DO have wonderful women in your family.

    RE: italic text.. Here's a tutorial that might help.

  5. You totally scored with those boots! I'm sure you look smashing in them. So that's what you should name them - Smashing Boots. And you can even add super if you want - Super Smashing Boots. C'mon... that's a clear winner. ;)

    And I'm with you on the italicized comments... never been able to figure that one out. Maybe I should check out Dawn's suggestion too!

  6. Those are kickin boots.
    I say call them Ruby.

  7. I have never heard of a swap like this....but I wish I had or that I'd be invited to one. That sounds like SO MUCH fun!

  8. I had never hear of a Stuff Swap before... what a good idea!

    And the boots! So red, so shiny... I can't think of a name, I'm too hypnotized by their wonderfulness...

    Also, I think I have the exact same flats that you are wearing on your other foot.

  9. How fun! What awesome ladies you are surrounded by!

    And I like the "super" in the title, although if you call them "Super Smashing" I think you'll have to kill a few bugs wearing them. They do look great under your jeans!

  10. That's such a great idea! It looks like a lot of fun & any occassion with "2 buck chuck" is bound to be a good time :) I really like those boots, by the way!

  11. That looks like so much fun!

    I think the boots are fine. They would look cute with jeans and an understated top-like black- to go grocery shopping. Seriously, try it. I

  12. Those are some FOXY boots, lady!

  13. Oh fun! Great idea!

    (If you're still in the swapping mood, come play along in out book swap! No, there is no deadlne to readyour book!)

  14. Ooh la la...those boots are smokin'!

    What a fun idea! This might have inspired me to do something like that with my friends!

  15. Love it, wish I could have come but Travis had to work late that night and while I could've had Gail watch Savannah I'd be lying if I said I was coming for anything other than the wine and let's face it in my delicate condition that's just not recommended ha ha. Just kidding, I should have come though, I'm sure it was great company and great fun. I love the new boots and I know the perfect place you could wear them....any Razorback sporting event, now I know what you're thinking, but when the Razorbacks are all AR has-the fans know how to do it right!

  16. Oh I just read the other comments and sticking to the 'super' theme: those boots are totally "Wonderiffic" Wonder Woman boots! You didn't happen to score an invisible ship while you were there did you?

  17. Fun! I actually participated in one of these a couple of years ago with some friends and it was a blast....I think it's time for another one.

    And those boots are Awe-some!


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