Sunday, January 10, 2010


I'd like to rewind this day.

Rewind through hiking back and forth from the church to the snow and ice covered parking lot because I'd forgotten my purse -- with the car keys inside -- in my pew.

Rewind through hauling a fit-throwing toddler -- potato sack style -- out of the sanctuary after church while trying to gather our things to head home.

Rewind through marching myself and my daughters late into church in the first place. Rewind through Lauren's roly-poly squirming in my down-coated arms making me slip in my high-heeled boots in the icy snow, nearly falling. Rewind through Mia's frozen whines about why we had to walk through so much snow, around to one of the only church doors that wasn't locked for construction.

Rewind through being pulled over by a police officer. Rewind through being told of my broken tail-light and expired tags. Rewind through the girls in the backseat wondering -- loudly -- why we weren't going. Rewind through realizing that my newly issued current insurance ID card is sitting at home on the counter, waiting to be placed in my vehicle. Rewind through calling my husband to bring me the card -- home's just few minutes away and he's getting ready to head to mass -- and having the nice officer wait patiently. Rewind through Mia suddenly needing to poop rightnow while we were waiting on the side of the road. Rewind through Justin bringing the only insurance card he could find in our disorganized home: an old expired one. Rewind through the ticket being written and the required court appearance being explained.

Rewind through Mia walking -- leaning -- along the side of the snow-dirtied car in her clean church clothes and coat.

Rewind through the last minute poopy-diaper change that set us back a good 5 minutes on our way out the door.

Rewind through wasting time on the internet and a cinnamon apple muffin when I should have been making sure the girls were ready, instead of being surprised when I looked at the clock and there were only 10 minutes left until church began.

Rewind through struggling to keep my up-too-late-last-night eyes open during the RCIA students' dismissal at early mass.

Rewind through waking up late after the alarm clock didn't go off -- because I forgot to set it -- and rushing through showering and dressing. Rewind through leaving the house on a 12 degree morning with still-wet hair, in pants that should have been recycled 10 pounds ago, without my trusty scarf.

Rewind all the way back to when my cool pillow and warm blankets were cocooned around me. Rewind to when my legs were tangled up with my sleepy husband's, and I was dreaming of saving the world.

Then, the perfect day was still waiting to be touched by an imperfect me.

When an imperfect me was still dreaming of a perfect day.


  1. Hmmm...I've had your day, a lot. Just think, pretty soon you'll be back into the warm cocoon of your bed!

  2. Well, at least there's a new day tomorrow! Sorry it was kind of a rough one today.

  3. O man, you'd think the cop would have let you off for once. Some cops are just mean. ANd I'm sure its not just disorganization that prevented the papers from being found, if your husband is anything like mine I can describe how to find something in vivid detail and he will still be unable to find it.

    My Sundays are usually anything but restful over here, we have 2 services we have to be at. After a day like that I'm usually just glad its over, I don't really want to start over.

  4. I'm sorry you had such a difficult day, but I'm selfishly glad it made a really good blog post.

  5. I could go for a rewind too. My day was no where near as crazy as yours though. Maybe you can sneak off for a hot, quiet bath for yourself or something along those lines?

    I was pulled over by a police officer yesterday. I feel your pain.

  6. All of this going on today and all I knew was how happy I was to see you in church even though I didn't even get to talk to you. I adore your imperfect self.

  7. Oh, Sarah, what a rough morning! If I lived nearby, I'd come over with coffee and donuts! Hope tomorrow goes better... :)

  8. That sounds like a really, really yucky day. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better one!

  9. What a wretched day! But if it's any consolation, it made for a really great post. I was rewinding myself right there with you! Hope everything starts to look up soon...maybe you can just stay in bed tomorrow? The girls would go for that, right?

  10. Oh yuck, I'm sorry all that happened. If it's any consolation, you ARE a genius, and I DO love you! Hope you have a much better Monday!!

  11. Some days are just meant to be forgotten.
    Or rewound.

  12. If I had a dollar for every time I've had a day like that, I would be a rich woman.

    Just remember..."Tommorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it." {thank you Anne of Green Gables :) }

  13. There's really no other way to say it- that day sucked!! Sorry!! Hope today's looking a bit better for you.

  14. I love reading your blog. You have such a way with words. Rewind I should of paid more attention in creative writing class!


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