Friday, January 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #45

1. While watching a preview for a romantic comedy the other night, we heard an attractive male voice say an attractively romantic line. Justin turned to me and repeated the line, foreign accent and all. Wow! I said. You're really good at the Australian accent, babe. Justin looked greatly offended before replying, That was IRISH.

2. In the car this week, Mia began asking a stream of questions, while Justin and I tried to field them:

Mia: Why is the snow not melted yet?
Mama: Because it's still too cold outside to melt the snow.
Mia: Why is it still too cold outside?
Daddy: Because we're in the Northern Hemisphere and the earth is tilted on its axis away from the sun in the winter, the top of the earth is farther away from the sun and therefore it doesn't get as warm. The Southern Hemisphere, though, is warm right now.

3. Justin got to take Mia to her first dentist appointment last July, so I was excited to witness the action for myself this week.

She did so well, loving each new step in the process right up until the end: the fluoride treatment. She was supposed to hold a tray in her mouth for a full minute, but it was so awkward and the flavor was apparently too sour so she spit it out about halfway through.

I had my appointment right after hers, and she crawled all over me in the chair in between dancing around and pretending to be a dentist. All I could think about was...last time I was in this chair (way too long ago), I was a few months pregnant with this little girl. THIS crazy, funny, smart, sweet, independent girl. It's weird how the dentist's chair always makes me remember pregnancy.

4. This week I hosted another edition of my book swap carnival, What We Found At The Library. I've been so encouraged by the wonderful input from you all -- Thank You! I just want to remind anyone who's interested, you can participate by writing a post about ANY book you or your family has recently enjoyed. Whether it's from the library, a book store, borrowed from a friend, or stolen from your mom (not that I do that), you can tell us what it's about and why you'd recommend it (or not recommend it, for that matter). I just love getting inspiration for our next trip to the library by knowing what other people are reading.

Please join us for the next go-round on January 21st!

5. Lauren was sick, sick, sick for all of last week -- Monday to Monday, she was puny. A doctor's appointment revealed a double ear infection, and a prescription was written for antibiotics. After waiting in line at the pharmacy, the total -- for a half teaspoon, daily, for 10 days -- was over $50. FIFTY dollars. That was after insurance paid half on the generic brand. A generic antibiotic was over a HUNDRED dollars?! The pharmacist told me that the name brand would have been around FOUR HUNDRED dollars. I was speechless. I bobbed my head and blinked, I think, before the pharmacist saw the shock in my eyes and offered to call the doctor's office for an alternative. One was granted.

The total? Eight dollars.

What the heck?

6. As I'm writing this (Thursday night), it's 3 whole degrees outside. Negative 12 wind chill. The cat is hunkered down in the garage, litter box nearby -- I've learned my lesson.

But, for a reminder of why cats aren't the only bad guys when it comes to household disruptions, go read Queen Lucy's latest pet disaster. It's terribly awful. My cat looks angelic in comparison.

7. This day -- January 8th -- is a very important day. It's the day my funny, stylish, handsome, creative, strange, and OLDer brother was born. OLD.

Eric? Happy Birthday, Brother! Last year I said you look like a monkey. This year you still do --I just can't prove it. But I'm working on it. In the meantime, I'm dedicating my next haiku to your honor:

Dude, you are so old.
Your coolness is way unfair
Given your old age.

And wait...wait...yep...I feel a cinquain coming on too...

Born first
But not best
Because sister was next

Aaaaah, that's better. You're welcome. And have a Super Tootie-tastic day!

That goes for you all too -- Have a Super Tootie-tastic day (don't worry -- it's a good thing, I think), and thank you for stopping by! Visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. How did the prescription change from to only EIGHT dollars???? Can you imagine all the people who just pay without knowing they can a cheaper alternative?

    Love your husband's reply to "why is it too cold outside" - haha!

  2. The cost of medicine is insane - I don't believe for one minute that it really HAS to cost so much!

    Good call on the litter box :)
    I'm pretty well convinced right now that animals are out to get us.

  3. That is absolutely insane about the prescription costs! Yikes!

    I love the poems! Happy Birthday, Heavenly Brother! :D

  4. I love your poems to your brother! You are so funny!

    That is very odd about the medicine. I often wonder why some drugs are so much more expensive than others. It's one thing if they are rare, but fifty for a common antibiotic?

  5. Happy birthday eric! Sarah, your poems are too funny!

  6. I love your quick takes! I feel your daughter's pain about the dentists-I hate the fluoride treatments and I'm pretty sure I make that exact same face during that part too :)

  7. Kind of hilarious that we both discussed haikus on our blogs today. We are like the same person! Soul sisters... or something.

    Happy birthday to your bro! Tomorrow is Stephen's birthday!

  8. That's awesome $8?? I would have peed my pants if they rang my total up to $400!
    Love the poem. Happy b-day to your brother! It's my brother-in-law to be's birthday today :)

  9. I can't believe how much they rip you off with prescriptions. I'm glad you asked for an alternative! Is Lauren still feeling better?

    And Mia is so sweet in that dentist chair...but you've reminded me that's it's also time for my own children to go. Eek!

    Happy Birthday, Heavenly Brother! I sure hope he's *actually* old and not just, say, 30...

  10. Until I saw that picture of Mia's face, I'd forgotten how awful fluoride is. Nastiness!

  11. I think Mia's face says it all!! And the accent, that's hilarious!

    Number 5- see, there are great things about having your easily blushing cheeks!! Saved you some money!

    Happy Birthday Eric!

  12. I've been putting of a dental visit--they're always mean to me there and they don't let *me* wear those fantastic pink sunglasses when I go.

    UnREAL about the antibiotics! Hope she's feeling better.

    Great poetry for your bro. He is pretty stylish. He must not have children. If he does, he should have some sort of fashion advice show on TLC.

    Stay warm!

  13. Udub - My brother IS a dad :) But, his daughter is still a toddler. Somehow, the same caveat doesn't work for me... I lost out on the stylish genes. I try on outfits for him to tell me yay or nay, which doesn't make me feel lame at ALL. I swear :)

  14. insane prescription costs, kid questions, poems to your birthday bro, what a post!! i want to recommend any book by leo lioni, mo willems, and kevin henkes. we love them all so much.


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