Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Come On Over!

It's time again, my friends, for another visit to the bookshelves! Tomorrow is What We Found At The Library day, and I know you all have some good books to share with the masses. (The masses being anyone who reads This Heavenly Life. And masses may be an overstatement. But still.)

So come back tomorrow with your most recent library finds (or bookstore finds, if you so wish), and we'll discuss them over tea and scones.

Coffee and muffins.

Water and bread.

Slushies and Snickers.

Basically, whatever's on hand in your corner of the world.

I'll see you tomorrow, book list in hand!


  1. Well now, reading is a FINE thing. It has expanded my vocabulary. I can now use big words that more than one person can't understand. Of course, some of them don't understand English anyway...but never mind that.
    On my list from last night's foray into my box of books to read...A Fine & Pleasant Misery, by Patrick McManus. I'm going to start with that.
    I would read, Mountain Goats Don't Say Cheese by the same author if I could find it. But I'll start with the one that I found.

  2. mmmmmmm....slushies and snickers. are you trying to make me hungry?


Hmm...And how did that make you FEEL?