Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Every Snort Begins With Sarah

This commercial is cracking me up. I get almost excited anytime it comes on TV, and nearly roll over with laughter.

Check it out.

The guy's voice as he catches an obviously frightened damsel is my favorite part. "I'm right here..." he chuckles condescendingly. Then his posture quickly changes, his face immediately contorts, and his tone becomes at once terrifying and promising: "And I always will be."

And I keel off my seat.

It's just too much, I tell you.

Do you have any love-to-hate 'em commercials lately? Or even just a favorite, truly good one?


  1. that's funny--jesse totally makes fun of this commercial

  2. This one is Canadian, Beck (from Frog and Toad are still friends) found it, but really, it's the worst commercial I have seen in years.

  3. I crack up at this commercial, too. Jewelry ads are always the cheesiest this time of year, and the accessories they're peddling are so syrupy, too. It's worth a good laugh.

    I haven't seen it this year, but that holiday-time Pampers commercial set to "Silent Night" that shows all of those adorable babies sleeping always gets my ovaries screaming.

  4. Believe it or not, I actually haven't seen that one yet, but I agree... downright HILARIOUS! Did they honestly think that wasn't the cheesiest thing ever when they were making it?!

    I can't think of a bad commercial that stands out (there are soooo many of them...), but I did see a terrible ad lately. The Target toys ad had an over-full toy box on the front with the toys spilling all over the floor and falling off the shelves. It had the opposite effect on me - it made me realize that we already have too many toys and after they've played with them for 5 minutes, their room will look just like that ad. Yuck.

  5. That commercial is hilarious!! I fear for the woman's indpendence every time I watch it! My favorite funny commercials lately have been the Target black friday ads. The crazy red sweatsuit with high heels lady. Cracks me up!!

  6. My favorite part is the, "Now you can surround her with the strength of your love." Which...the more I think about it...the LESS sense it makes. Hahaha.

  7. I have not seen that one; it's truly awful! I'm trying to decide what would happen if she finally told him what she really thought of him and refused the necklace. I'm thinking there would be a chase through the dark, stormy woods...

  8. Ha ha! You stole my favorite cheesy commercial of the moment! Hilarious.

    Udubalum Mama's comment referring to screaming ovaries might have made me laugh even more, though :)

  9. That one kills me too!

    The other one that really gets me is for the eyelash growing drug Latisse.


    Seriously - do that many women actually have a need for a prescription treatment because they have "inadequate" lashes? Get real! It makes me want to rant about the pharmaceutical industry every time (but my FIL works for "big pharma," so I try to keep it down!). I'm pretty sure they could have used the money they spent researching and advertising that for a real disease - but they wouldn't make nearly as much money off that. And Brooke Shields really let me down on this one - did she really need the money that bad?

    Deep breath. Thank you for letting me rant :)

  10. oh. My. God. That's awful. When I get tired of writing ads about heart attacks or malpractice insurance, I always think to myself, "it could be worse. you could be writing jewelry commercials." Because, really? barf.

  11. How is it possible that you're making me miss commercials?!?

    Since our TV stations are gov't issued, all our commericials are basically gov't propaganda. I now know the Code of Conduct, for example. My favorite one though shows a group of people wandering around in matching red outfits (against a bright white background). They're all minding their own business, not speaking or interacting or anything, when suddenly this low, scary voice comes on and says "Can you tell which one of these people is American? No? Then they're doing everything right." And bam! It's over. Classic.

  12. Happygeek - Eew, that one IS strange and awkward.

    Udubalum - *sigh* that commercial is laced with hormonal airwaves, I think.

    Emily - I think I'm missing out on the beauty of government propaganda; that sounds pretty interesting. In a creepy way :)


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