Friday, December 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #42

1. Tomorrow is a big day around This Heavenly Household; it's Mia's 4th Birthday Party. (She whispered in a quavering, tear-filled voice.) Her actual birthday is next week and I just can't believe she'll be FOUR. I was talking with a friend this week about how impossible it is that Mia is already so big, and I told her that I feel like I should still be a mother of babies -- not children. Not a tall, talkative, self-possessed little girl. Where is my baby?!?! (She said with panic as her eyes darted around, lighting on the nearest photo album.)

For the past year, Mia has known -- without a doubt -- that she wanted a pink crocodile cake for her 4th Birthday. So this weekend, I'll try my hand at fulfilling the desires of her heart. Wish me luck. (She intoned with terror, knowing her limits as both an artist and a baker.)

2. And isn't it just the luckiest luck that my dishwasher broke down two days before the party? Because I'm SURELY not one to go a little cleaning-crazy at the prospect of a full house, and I'm SURELY going to have plenty of time to hand wash all the dishes that I would have otherwise stashed in the dishwasher to save time. SURELY.

3. A conversation in the car:

Me: I got a lot of suggestions from blog friends last week about ways to scale down our Christmas presents this year, and one of my favorites was to limit it to 3 gifts per child. What do you think? I mean, we couldn't do that this year because I've already bought more than 3 things, but do you like that idea for next year?

Him: Sure. Sounds great.

Me: Because I just don't want to set the precedent for huge expectations, especially when we'll probably be having more kids, and I'd just really hate for the girls to be like "WOOHOO bring on the PRESENTS! (*fists pumping*) MORE MORE MORE! (*arms waving*) Where's my next TOY?!?! Get outta my WAY!!" when what we really need to consider is how to not be overspending on our growing family, not to mention not wanting to foster a terribly greedy holiday spirit. You know?

Him: You're funny when you try to talk.

4. Speaking of my handsome husband, he has a question for you guys.

How many of you attempted a leprechaun kick after my crazy-boot-post?

Be honest, now. We're all friends here. He's gotten about a million gut-busting laughs from staring at a GROSSLY enlarged leprechaun leaping photo, which he saved as the wallpaper on our laptop. I'm glad I can keep him so happy, so easily.

5. Now I have a question for you. Do you think it's ever OK to post pictures online of your kids in the bathtub? I have some super cute pictures of the girls playing in the tub, but am nervous about putting their innocent little bodies out on the internet. Not really for fear of some weirdo seeing them, but because I can't decide if my readers will think it's a terrible mistake, and that I'm a terrible mother. How's that for pandering to an audience? Soapy, smiling children are so sweet that I can't imagine anyone thinking bathtub pictures are inappropriate, but I'm curious for your thoughts.

Would you just save the pictures for yourself, or share them with friends? Keep in mind that they're adorable. Or does that even matter?

6. Also on the bathtime shenanigans front, Mia cracked us up last night. We'd asked her to get undressed for tub-time, which she did. We'd reminded her to put her dirty clothes where they belonged, which she did. We'd told her to head into the bathroom and go potty, and we'd meet her in there as soon as we'd gotten Lauren undressed; this she did not do. We made our way to the bathroom, but Mia wasn't there waiting. She wasn't running naked circles around the living room (a favorite shake-your-wiggles-out kind of pre-bedtime ritual), nor was she playing anywhere we could see her. She was silent, not answering when we called, and we started to worry a bit. Silence usually spells trouble.

Justin finally checked our bedroom and found her. She was propped up in our bed, under the covers -- naked -- reading a Franklin book. Not trying to be mischievous or willfully disobedient, she'd just gotten distracted by a favorite story and decided to get a little more comfortable in order to enjoy it.

That's my girl. Reading in bed when there are more pressing matters to be attended to. I've taught her well.

7. I had SUCH a good time yesterday with my own brand-spanking-new, real live carnival, What We Found At The Library. I actually had some wonderful bloggers link up their fabulous finds, which tickled me pink. (You think I'm joking, but it's true: I was glowing - PINKLY GLOWING! - each time I saw a new participant link up.)

If you'd like to join in next time, I promise I'll pinkly glow then, too. ( that a very good selling point?) I'll be hosting again in two weeks, on Thursday, December 17th. And I'll mention again that I usually do young children's books, but I'd love to see what you all are enjoying in ANY kind of book. Don't hold back. Maybe I'll get enough participants to allow me to attain a fuchsia glow.

A girl can only dream.

Have a gorgeous weekend, and check out Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. I didn't try the "leap"- I've tried it before and it was pure failure. I'm thoroughly impressed with your sweet skills though!!

    For the most part, I think it would be harmless to post the photos. Although there are some creepers out there and you don't want them to stumble upon them.

  2. I did NOT attempt a leprechaun kick. Because my bodily/kinesthetic abilities are typically limited to walking upright.

    But I WOULD post adorable sudsy bathtime pictures. I think I have, or at least, have meant to. There's nothing remotely inappropriate about that, in my opinion!

    I keep trying to picture my baby as a four year old... I know it will happen sooooon, but I just can't imagine it at all.

  3. A pink crocodile cake? Where do kids come up with these things? I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    As far as bathtub photos, I probably would go ahead and post them. But I tend to always play off people who have concerns about internet stalkers, dismissing them as false or overly hysterical. Even though some of the stories you hear probably did actually happen to someone, somewhere. I have always just ignored people who tell me I shouldn't post anything about my kids or family on the internet, and I've been doing it for about five years now, and nothing bad has ever happened because of it. Take that for whatever it's worth.

  4. I did not attempt the leprachaun kick....but I do have to admit it made me feel light on my I tried to "sail" {gracefully, no doubt} into my husband's arms at the end of his work day. Needless to say, that was not well received ;) Lol

    Bathtub pictures...that is a good question. I for one, wanted to post the funniest picture of Hayden in his diaper after his bath with spiky hair and he was standing in this 'masculine' thinking pose....oh it was a hoot. But I decided against it....not that there's anything wrong with it....but it is the kinda gives me the willies.

    Good luck with your pink crocodile cake :)

  5. I didn't try a leprechaun kick then but I will admit to having tried it in the past :) And have you ever tried a double heel click? It's next to impossible to achieve. I dare you to try it. And post pictures :)

  6. 1. Whoa, a pink crocodile cake! Good luck!

    2. You should totally just use paper plates and stuff for the next week.

    3. Ha!
    I also told my husband I liked the 3 gift idea. His response was the same as your husband's, followed by "But I don't know if you'll be able to do it."

    4. Not this time, but I have definitely done it before.

    5. Oh, I'd like to see what people say on this. I think it's cute, but my husband has threatened to take away my laptop if I ever did such a thing to our future children.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. 1- I applaud you for attempting the pink crocodile cake. I have tried every birthday to make a spectacular cake for my kids; Every year I fail miserably. But you- I feel successful cake vibes rippling out from your blog :)

    4- I did not try a leprechaun kick after seeing your amazing one captured for posterity, but that's only because the last time I did (five or so years ago? ...) I wiped out in a big way in front of a big crowd. So now it's a big NO.

    5- Hm. I personally don't have a problem with bathtime photos, but for some reason I've always stopped just short of posting them myself. For me, if their bottom regions are hidden from view, it's a go. As long as you're comfortable with it. ... Then again, I just had a vision of my adult children saying, "You posted pictures of me in the BATHTUB when I was little ON THE INTERNET?!" ...Ah, it's a dilemma. Which is probably why I haven't done it yet.

    6- Love it!

    7- I am so there on the 17th! I'd like to see a picture of the fuchsia glow, please, if it comes about. (Wow, fuchsia is hard to spell correctly the first time!)

    Have a great weekend, friend! And Happy Birthday to your sweet, entertaining little girl!

  8. I think the bathtub thing is a personal comfort level thing. I would never think twice about someone else kids in a tub etc but I probably wouldn't post my own kids in a tub due to the sicko factor out there. Blogs aren't private and any one could really be reading it etc... now that being said if they really are sick they would be fantasizing over your adorable dressed child not in a tub as well... which I do always consider when posting pics. and I post pics anyway... but some people also have a problem with posting names as well so there you go.

  9. 1. You go girl on the Pink Crocodile Cake. We have every faith in you. And in the end the kids are going to fall on it and consume it and they will think it is the best thing in the world.
    4. My father used to do "the leap" in parking lots to make my brother and I laugh.
    7. Can we participate if we aren't taking out children's books? I love the library.

  10. 4. I did the leprechaun kick, i was trying to practice to do it while wearing the Christmas Sweater, but then I fell down. I am not even kidding.
    Plus I can just see asking my husband to take a picture of me while wearing an ugly sweater and doing a leprechaun kick to post on my blog. The ensuing eye-rolling would make any 14 year old girl proud.
    5. There are many many cops in my family tree so if you are asking my advice about bathtub photos I would say no. NO. Because some weird may see them and may photoshop them (yes it really does happen) into something inappropriate.
    Throw them up on a protected facebook page or e-mail em to your friends, I am certain they are adorable, but the weirdos are rather frightening.

  11. paper or plastic plates for the party! You are worth it. Do not torture yourself. :)

  12. Sorry, I had to come back and comment again because I am so excited! I finally went to our library here and can't wait to participate in your fuchsia-induction!

  13. I enjoyed your quick takes post today. All of it. As for bath pictures, I think they are cute, as long as they don't show parts, you know what I mean? Plus, your girls might grow up and be mad at you about it or something. ;) Implementing the 3 gift limit in our family has been wonderful. Our kids know not to expect more, and it makes me much more mindful about what I'm buying for them. We still do stockings too, though.

  14. If you think four is shocking, wait until your little babies hit six. Groan!!! I just try to savor every moment now.

  15. I got to your blog of a link from The Catholic Mutt.
    The post about your boots was the first one I ever read. I loved it and told the story for my family. I attempted the leprechaun kick for added emphasis. Much pain and laughter ensued.
    You're blog is now on my favorites. :)
    A lady in Iowa

  16. I've been thinking about you guys today and hoping Mia's birthday party is spectacular!

  17. I would love to see how your pink crocodile cake turned out!! Quite a task!

    I also enjoyed following the link to the boots post. Wow girl, you've got major air! When I do that kick, I'm lucky if I get one foot up to the other before I hit the ground again, LOL


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