Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Question Of The Day

What do you do when you have buyer's remorse from a factory outlet store 3 hours away from home?

I very often fancy myself to be some fashion forward chica with an awesome sense of style. I see these cute things other girls are wearing and they look adorable in, so very rarely I just go get myself whatever it is and try it out. The problem is, I am not fashion forward, nor do I have any sense of style. I need help. Mostly, I need my brother's help. He has so much style, it oozes out and overflows into everything he does, so I figure he can spare a few ounces when I come calling with a desperate plea for help.

And that's all well and good, until I go shopping far away and don't have his bare-bones, tell-it-like-it-is opinion handy. Also, I don't know how to work my camera phone, or he'd have been barraged with images of me trying to look hip. Poor guy. So this weekend, while I mostly tried to shop for Christmas gifts, the shoe stores were too enticing to ignore. I ended up buying some terribly trendy shoes that I now fear will have me laughed out of....well....my house. See, I really don't see myself wearing them out of the house for fear of people pointing and laughing at my failed style attempt.

Let me explain (even further).

The last day of our shopping trip ended up being a wash-out: pouring down rain, puddles bursting up through the pavement, and me in some thin ballerina flats. Super comfy, yet super inadequate for a rainstorm. We dashed into the stores, which are all connected by outdoor walkways, and shook ourselves off before trying to muster the will to shop. None of us wanted to be hauling bags in such a cold, driving rain, but we couldn't leave without hitting some favorites that we hadn't made it to yet.

One of the final stores we decided to stop at was Nine West. A few of us parked as close as we could to the store and nearly trampled each other in our quest for the dry indoors. All around us were cute strappy sandals, classy leather heels, and gorgeously colorful handbags, but I was wilting under the effort of rain-soaked shopping. My toes were shriveled up from the freezing wetness seeping in with every step, and I was ready to call it quits. Until I saw these (or something very like them)...

...and made a beeline for them. I felt the soft fur-like lining, and I swear my toes began pinking up again in anticipation. The boots looked so soft and warm, it was all I could to do not kick my thin flats all the way to the handbag section before finding my size. I restrained myself and patiently found my boat-sized boots, slipped them on, and oh....the comfort. The warmth. The on-sale-ness. They were immediately etched on my heart. I had to have these boots.

No matter that I couldn't think of a THING I'd be able to wear them with. I don't own skinny jeans for tucking into boots, nor are any of my pants wide enough at the bottom to accommodate their furry width. I'm pretty confident that these boots will look horrific with my so-last-century clothing, but at the time, they seemed like a good idea. A fanTAStick idea.

More like a fantastically DUMB idea. If I ever find anything to wear these boots with, you'll all be the first to know.

Actually, you'll probably find out after I've been humiliated by the embarrassment of wearing them the wrong way, which is entirely likely. Meaning several people will witness my ill-fated-fashion-attempt before you. So you'll be, like, the 30th to know when and if it happens.

For now, I'm imagining them as really expensive (well, not really expensive -- I usually can't bring myself to pay more than $30 for a pair of shoes, and these maxed out that limit) house-shoes. Stylish slippers for my chilly tootsies. Fancy footwear for my home-bound feeties.

At the very least, Mia and Lauren will adore them for dress-up boots.

Does that count as a Christmas present?


  1. Sarah~
    you can totally pull off those boots. Wear a cowl neck sweater or a loose fitting tunic type of shirt, and some skinny jeans. You've got the perfect figure for that look, oh lucky one. It really annoys me that you don't have a personal style assistant to go with the figure, though. Your brother should at least do a twice-a-year shopping trip to keep you in style!!!

  2. If you don't have skinny jeans even a pair of slim work out pants in black or grey will work! You will end up loving those! I really do believe you will :)

  3. Okay so I don't ACTUALLY know you but I think you can do it. And I don't ACTUALLY know how since I'm also missing that trendy gene. But I do say you should buy yourself a pair of skinny jeans. Then you can make it work.

  4. I think your new boots are really cute! When we lived in Maine (and it was cold enough for boots) I had a similar pair that I wore constantly. Just tuck them into a pair of jeans (they don't have to be "skinny" jeans, you just need something with a trim line) and they'll look great. Seriously. Your feet will thank you!

    Also, (I'm not sure if these are exactly the right type of boots, so ask your brother) what about the whole dress/leggings/boot look that's so in this year? It's all about playing with proportions, right?

  5. They're cute even if you cover them.....the toe is the best part of every pair of shoes ever. Those look adorable poking out from jeans. Then when you get the guts to tryout skinny jeans {or leggings would be cute, too!!} then tuck 'em in.....
    :) And totally ditto the cowl neck sweater idea.
    If you had a cowlneck sweater/dress w/ a chunky belt.....brown, red, orange, or brown leggings ;)......a-dorable.
    Boots like this are perfect for one thing......another excuse to SHOP :)

  6. How about with some patterned tights and a knee length jean skirt?

  7. I don't own skinny jeans, and I still tuck my jeans into my boots.
    You just have to fold your jeans around your leg and then stuff. It works, promise!

    The boots are TOO CUTE! And you really CAN wear them with anything. I live in jeans, my boots, and just plain old knit long sleeve shirts all winter! If I need to add a little style, I add a few long necklaces or a scarf.

    Wear them. All the time.

  8. Oh, I'm also so not trendy! But I think everyone else's suggestions of skinny jeans and leggings sound good. And I think leggings are pretty cheap, if you feel like you've spent too much after your weekend shopping.

    And I also have always depended on my brothers' advice when it comes to clothes. In high school I would make them look at several options and tell me which looked best, or least bad. Of course, sometimes they'd roll their eyes even when I was certain I looked great... they must not be as fashion-conscious as your brother!

  9. Oh, dear Sarah, I find myself in this kind of predicament all the time! I am completely fashion-ignorant! The consensus seems to be skinny jeans, so I'm throwing my vote behind those. And really, you've looked gorgeous in every picture I've seen of you on here so I'm sure whatever you choose, you'll pull off with flair :)

  10. I totally sympathize. For two years now, I have been tempted to buy a pair of those soft, warm boots, but I'm also not confident that I can wear them without looking idiotic. :-)

    Your friends are great! I will have to post next time I have a fashion dilemma and see if I can get advice this good.

  11. I think they're cute! And those boots always look so comfy. I'm terrified to try new trendy things, because any time I do, I get the feeling that my high school students are snickering at me every time I turn my back!

  12. I say chalk it up as loss and don't repeat the mistake. It happens to all of us at some point in our shopping lives.

  13. I am in awe at the timing of your post. You see...I just bought myself some boots almost exactly like that only mine are chocolate brown. And I thought to myself "Self, you have no pants to wear these boots with." But I couldn't bear to take them back because THEY ARE SO WARM. So now I'm faced with the dilemma of updating my totally non trendy wardrobe to accomodate the boots! *Sigh*


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