Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Like They're Sisters...

This is Lauren at about 8 months.

This is Mia at about 8 months.

I had to check the dates to make sure I was identifying the correct child. It makes me wonder what a third child would look like...

I won't lie. I'm feeling the itch.

Don't tell Justin. (As if he didn't already know.) But something tells me he wouldn't run for the hills.

It's those little footie pajamas -- they get me every time. I saw racks and racks of them at the Carter's and OshKosh outlet stores last weekend, and each time I touched a velvety soft, cotton onesie, I sighed and aaaaw-ed.

And then ovulated on the spot.


You're free to go now -- find someplace less baby-fixated.

But it probably won't smell quite so fresh and sweet over there.


  1. Oh...footie pajamas.

    Darn it, I've been trying so hard not to scratch the baby itch and now you've got me all worked up over it again :)

  2. too funny. I'm going to have to see about trying that someday....'trying to get pregnant', that is ;)

  3. I think I'll start leaving "It's time for you to have a baby" comments on your blog since you put them on my blog regularly!!

    Should we make a pregnancy pact like the ridiculous teens do? I'll do it if you do it. :)

  4. Wow, the resemblance! My #1 and #3 sons look almost EXACTLY alike. It's crazy.

    Give into the itch! If your husband runs for the hills, just spritz on some perfume (or whatever smell is irresistible to him... cookies... mashed potatoes and gravy... whatever) and run after him. He'll be like, "What..? Well... okay."

  5. LOL too funny. My third child was the odd one. Still is. Baby 1 and 2and very alike even baby 4 and 5 are simialr to 1 and 2 but 3 is the one that is different. Four (2 above him and 2 below him)of my kids have green 3 had brown eyes. Baby 3 is the only lefty in the family etc there are are so many differences. He looks like memebers from my family while the others look like dh's side.

  6. Footy pajamas, or really anything that small. Why are small things automatically so darn cute?

  7. Even for sisters, they REALLY look a lot alike. They're so beautiful--and with that handsome, baby-cuddling husband, I can see why you want more. You're gonna need to have at least eleven!

  8. Adorable babies, both! Want me to talk you out of the itch? Because I can...

    Think long, sleepless nights.

    Spit-up covered clothes.

    and oodles and oodles of baby cuddles. :-)

  9. I LOVE having three!! The first year was by far the hardest, now that you are out numbered, but the fun of seeing them together and the added personality is totally worth it. Now I feel full and content. Good luck!!

  10. Oh too cute! Do it! Do it! Have more babies! This is where I go to get my beautiful child fix, after all!

    And hooray for cuteness-induced ovulation :D

  11. My third daughter came out with blue eyes, when I was totally expecting another brown-eyed clone of her sisters. No one in our family has blue eyes! Our little third one just had to be different.

  12. Wow! They totally look like twins! Both are so stinkin' cute!

    And I can tell that our family is definitely complete now because your post didn't make me "ovulate on the spot." It totally would have last year at this time! Oh wait, I guess it probably was right at this time last year that I did ovulate...

    This is definitely a scary time of year for me. All of my babies are born between Aug. 24 and Sept. 3. Maybe Chad and I should sleep in separate rooms for a few weeks... TMI? sorry. ;)

  13. They do look so much alike!! I agree, give in and go for another :)!!

  14. Wow! They really do look very much alike. And I agree-it's time. I'd like to see what #3 looks like, too.

    Footie pajamas in size 0-3 months get me every time. The size 18 month ones I fold in the laundry now just do not have the same cute overload to them.

  15. Oh I hear ya!!!

    Those footie pajamas get me every time. And onesies...and kind of onesie. I just love diaper butt in a onesie.

  16. I can relate, itching over here too.

    Great pictures!!

  17. So I just realized that you said you did NOT think your husband would run for the hills.

    ... This is me blushing....

    And I totally wasted a great mashed-potatoes-and-gravy joke too!

    Can we just pretend this never happened?

  18. They're sooo cute! Listen to the footie jammies!!!

  19. Your girls are super cute! And yes, they look so much alike at 8 months!

    I know what you mean about the footie pajamas. I just went shopping for Abigail, and as we're standing amid all the sweet baby things, I'm holding my not-quite-four-month old daughter and already thinking, "NEED MORE BABY!"

  20. Baby clothes etc. and babies get me everytime....especially adorable new nieces!! I keep thinking I want a whole house full-big families are fun, but then I think, can I really handle it.....


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