Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (Ode)

Thanks to Stephanie for hosting PerPoTues! The poem this week is an Ode, which for our purposes is basically a rhyming tribute to something we love. And - just like last month - let me encourage you to build your own Ode to share with us - if I can do this, you certainly can too!

Check out the other Perfectly Poetical Ode entries at The Little Stuff of Life. (There's still time for you to submit your entry...winkwink.)

Ode To Bedtime

When first we awaken and greet the day
You seem but a far off dream.
We spend our time, we work and play
And manage to burn off steam.
But all the while, your peaceful promise
Looms in our hearts so large,
That when you arrive, nothing can stop us
From throwing ourselves in your arms.

Through baths and stories, we're waiting
for your actual time to draw near.
The ticking clock starts to hasten;
we're listening with day-weary ears.
Now screaming, now giggling, now whispering;
the children's cacophony has ceased.
The day has gone into history,
Our minds are calmed and eased.

What quiet! What serenity! What rest!
What shall we do with our freedom?!
How can we use our time best?
We're like peasants set free in the Kingdom.
We can read without interruption,
or leave the house for a date.
We can have a thoughtful discussion,
or quietly ponder our fate.

We gaze around at the debris
of a day spent playing and living,
and suddenly - like an amputee -
we notice our children are missing.
Calm and relaxing though you are,
at times we wish we were stronger!
For try as we might, we're not far
from - tomorrow - delaying you just a bit longer.


  1. Um, this is so SO good! I love it! My favorite part: "The day has gone into history..." Lovely!

  2. Thanks Lenae! I have a funny story about that 'history' line...but I'm saving it for my quick takes (I think) so be on the lookout...

  3. Yes! Awesome!

    I wrote and ode to naptime


    Check it out! :)Not as good as yours, but it was fun.

  4. You have a gift, my dear friend!

  5. Wow, what a great ode - beautifully written and with a touch of humor!! Thanks for playing and encouraging others to join in too!


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