Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Can Come Too, Too, Too

What is it about the zoo that is so magical? The exotic animals - yes. But it's more than that. It's the adventure of discovering the reality of creatures we've only seen in cartoony library book drawings. The creatures that walk and squawk and roll around. The creatures that excite our imaginations.

On our zoo trip last week, both girls were in awe of all the enormous and strange creatures....elephants, giraffes, monkeys, pythons, bears, tigers. All of those interesting animals, and yet Lauren was fascinated by a small flock of birds that swooped off in front of us as we walked along a path. These were plain ol' Missouri natives, and they preceded us at every turn in the path - like they were showing us the way forward; Lauren loved it, pointing and squealing in her daddy's arms.

Mia was more interested in the actual ZOO animals (I keep hearing her repeat z-o-o, one of the first words she's learned to spell), except for when they offended her delicate sense of smell. The monkeys and flamingos were the worst offenders; most of the rest were just plain exciting to behold.

The day was warm - but never hot; sunny and clear - but shade was never far away. Both girls jockeyed for the best position from which to view the animals: Daddy's shoulders.

Poor Daddy. He carried the weight of adventure and tired toddlers on his shoulders for most of the morning. Many times he was blinded by a set of enthusiastic hands smashing his hat bill over his eyes. Isn't this what a Daddy was made for? Providing his child with a high perch to see the world, and enduring moments of sightlessness due to her exuberance?

When they weren't vying for Daddy's shoulders, the girls had a good time just wandering around this foreign playground.

And Mama was occasionally requested as well. This was by the end of the morning, when hunger and sleepiness was taking over. Mama's arms usually seem like the best place to rest a weary body.

How do you know your baby is no longer a baby? Well, lots of ways, but one particularly telling occasion is when she can feed a giraffe from her own hand. And not be afraid. This girl is standoffish with dogs -but giraffes? No problem.

Lauren was a bit more nervous. After all, this giraffe's head was about the same size as Lauren's 22 pound body. When it swung repeatedly in our direction searching for more treats, it was like a giant pendulum of fear in Lauren's eyes. She squeezed her thighs around my waist so tightly that I thought it likely for her to have a career in horseback riding. If not for the peril of giant, pendulous horse heads, that is.

Add to that a forceful huff of a giraffe sneeze landing oozily on my arm -the arm holding Lauren - and we were outta there soon after.

We thought it was a wonderfully fun day at the zoo. How about you, you, you?


  1. How excellent! I have to admit that HHBL and I visit the zoo in every city that we are in, if we have the time and we don't even have kids in tow anymore.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my getting to meet you! Your blog is lovely!

  3. How fun! Makes me want to go visit our zoo with Lily before the weather turns too cold!

    P.S. Love the dress you are wearing in all the pictures! So cute!

  4. Your girlies are cute as always! My 3-year-old loves going to the zoo as well. And I agree with Amy- your dress is gorgeous!

  5. Too too too cute!! And I agree with previous posts, lovely dress, where did you get it?

  6. Eeeww on the giraffe sneeze on your arm! And I agree other commenters--your dress was so cute! What a nice family outing.

  7. Hey All! You all are so sweet :) I love that dress,too - it makes me feel feminine while not being fussy or uncomfortable. I think I got it at Kohl's? Maybe? And knowing me, it was probably under $15, since that seems to be my limit for an article of clothing :)

  8. Looks like a fun day! We just zooed two weeks ago. Maria is too young yet to like anything except very active animals-like monkeys.

    Your sundress is very cute!


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