Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meet Drippy & Melty

One of our 'exciting' activities this week during Justin's vacation was to have ice cream cones in the backyard. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but Mia's only ever had one ice cream cone before and this was Lauren's first time. So, super exciting in their eyes. Plus, anything occurring outside has got to be cool.

Lauren was a little concerned about what to do with the ice cream once it touched her lips. Bite? Suckle? Kiss? Eventually she settled on touching it to her mouth and then shoving the drips around her face. I even think she tasted some of it, too.

Mia was a bit more adept at handling the cone. She went right to work, not missing a drip of the sweet icy goodness.

Once Lauren got her hands on the cone without my supervision, she discovered the best way to eat it. Doesn't this look like the perfect thing to do with an ice cream cone? Smash your face into in and melt it into submission?

So, I guess Mia missed a few drips, but she really did an overall great job with a potentially messy situation. The girls loved their cones, and I think they're expecting them on a regular basis now that they're professional ice cream coners.

And I'm not opposed to a higher frequency of ice cream cones, either. What's good for the kids is good for the mama, right? Especially when those things lead to smiles like this?

That's definitely good for the mama.


  1. Yes, I think there should be an increase in the frequency of ice cream cones!

  2. Oh my goodness, that last picture of Lauren is precious! And did you say Mia has only ever had 1 cone in her life? ... Well, I feel like one of those loser moms who feeds her kids Cheetos and Koolaid for breakfast, since I'm sure we're into the double digits with Gabriel and ice cream. Can I blame it on my husband's side of the family? To them, ice cream is a food group. Really.

  3. Very cute. I may just have to pick up some cones on my next trip to the store.

  4. Are those Braums ice cream cones I see? I have *so many* good memories of going through the Braums drive-through after dinner as a child. What fun! And yes, yes, I agree...more ice cream. More often.

  5. Lenae - Don't worry, they've both had plenty of ice cream, it's just the cone that's a novelty. I've never liked them that much, so I haven't thought about getting them. But this week changed that, and I LOVED my own cone. Or 4.

    Emily - Yup, that's Braums :) We love it there.

  6. Adorable pictures! Wait till they get their hands on a waffle cone...

  7. My doctor once told me that if you want to eat sweets, it should be ice cream for the calcium. So there you go. We had homemade ice cream last night... I'd like to think it replaced my vegetable.

    I am impressed that your not-yet-two-year-old can eat an ice cream cone. Rhett is scared of ice cream. Yes, really scared. It melts on him and he panics.

  8. Rebecca - Mia was scared of ice cream at that age too. It took us forever to get her to like it, I guess the cold was too much for her little mouth. No problems now, though. And I am on board for ice cream as a veggie - if we declare it to be so, it will be so :)

  9. I have so many fun memories of ice cream cone nights as a kid. Panicking Mom as someone prepared to drip all over the floor...lost scoops...sticky cheeks.

    We've been digging into a tub of Breyer's peach this week-I totally see it as health food. :P

    I love the photo of Lauren diving into that cone!


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