Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Snippets

In the car as we're leaving our neighborhood, we stop to let a car pass.

Mia: Where were they going?

Me: Those were our neighbors. I think they're going back to their house.

Mia: Why were they going there?

Me: I'm not sure, babe. Why do YOU think they were going home?

Mia: Uhhh, I think they needed to go poo-poo over there.


In the car (again), Mia is playing with her toy cell phone.

Mia: Hold on, guys - I need to make a phone call. Hello? Ooohhhh, HI! How do you doing?! tee-hee-hee Well, I'm pretty good. you have your own island? Oh! *giggle* Are Oh, I see! Well, I better stop making a phone call now. I love you - buhbye.


At bedtime, Mia is stalling - trying to keep me talking instead of shutting her door.

Me: Goodnight Mia. Be very quiet now, and sleep tight. I love you. *halfway out the door*

Mia: MAMA MAMA MAMAAAAAA....I just have to ask one question. Do you know that the six o'clock and the seven o'clock are in the morning and in the nighttime have to wake up but not before the seven o'clock is on the clock? In the morning, right?

Me: *baffled* That's right - Goodnight baby. *2/3 out the door*

Mia: MAMA MAMA MAMAAAAAA...I just have to tell you one thing. Do you know I love you very much and that I need two...uhhh...I need...ummm....did you know I need two...drinks? Can I have two more drinks?

I hope your weekend has been a perfect combination of sweet and sassy - heavy on the sweet. Enjoy the start of your August!


  1. Sometimes I also need two drinks to successfully turn in for the night. Just sayin'... :D

  2. She is such a cutie! I'm sure you'll be glad you wrote all these down someday. What fun memories.

  3. That sounds like tooth-brushing time around here.

    4-year-old: (eyeing the toothbrush in my hand) Mommy, I just need to tell you one more thing.

    Me: (sighing) You just told me one more thing.

    4-year-old: B-B-B-B-But I have one MORE thing to tell you.

    Me: (trying to get the toothbrush close to his mouth so I can slip it in as soon as he tells me his "one more thing") What is it?

    4-year-old: Ummmm... (racking his brain to think of something to say to postpone getting his teeth brushed) Do you like the Cars movie?

  4. She's adorable and funny! I can't wait until my little one starts with the observations!

  5. Aw, too cute! :) Yes, our weekend had both sweet and sassy for sure!


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