Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sum-Sum-Summertime Slump

I keep trying to make some part of our days this week into an entertaining story - into something that I feel is worthy of sharing. But I guess the truth of life is just that sometimes there's nothing going on. We've gone through our days as usual, only nothing has been much, well - fun. Mostly, I've been tending to my sinuses and all the throbbing, draining, mouth-breathing characteristics that make summertime colds so awful.

Even better is that Mia and Lauren both seem to have caught my cold. It's like we've reached the end of our summertime energy. And really, admitting that feels like a failure on my part. It's my job to come up with fun activities for the kids to do (to some extent - heaven knows I'm all for free-play), and when I don't feel up to it - like this week - we just wander around with no clear direction. I keep telling myself to hop online and search for a few toddler/preschooler activities that will help us get through this late-summer slump. But then my face is throbbing again, and all I can manage to do is read a few stories to the girls on my lap. And then turn on a Curious George video.

I'm hoping for an end to the sinus-malaise that has overtaken me, and for a joyous, idea-filled outlook to take it's place.

Boy, snot really has a way of exhausting all your stores of optimism, huh?

So I would love to have your help, dear friends. What are some of your favorite at-home fun activities? Or places to look for such activities? I'm not terribly creative in the best of times, so now it feels impossible to come up with any ideas on my own.

Hopefully, I'll be back SOON with a good old fashioned embarrassing story or a glimpse into our heavenly life. Until then, I leave you (and me) with this reminder that life is fun, even when it's mundane:


  1. My kids loooove to finger paint with pudding. I mix up vanilla pudding and then put small amounts into muffin pans and mix in different food colorings in each one. They can paint and eat it at the same time. So fun! I do recommend BIG paper for this, though, as it can certainly get messy. I use a big roll of white butcher paper that I roll across the table and tape down on the corners. A good place to look for craft ideas is at ordinarylifemagic.blogspot.com. She has really cute ideas in her art and craft tutorials. Hope this helps!

  2. Cortney this is perfect! Exactly what I needed! Thank you bunches :)

  3. That is a great idea. I really need help in this dept., too, so that was a really great tip!

  4. Wow, that pudding idea from Cortney sounds amazing! My kids will go nuts over it too!

    I wish I had some good ideas for you, but I'm usually just as clueless (and end up relying on our Curious George movies too...) Hope all your colds go away soon- Hang in there!!! (P.S. Love the picture!)

  5. If messy is o.k., I love to do the corn starch thing -- http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/experiment/00000088.

    It's distracting. . . .

  6. We painted with Kool-Aid last week. It was great fun! Here's a link to how we did it--we're itching to try the fingerpaint: http://udubalum.blogspot.com/2009/07/painting-by-smell.html

    Best to you with the sinuses! Nothing is easy when you're feeling terrible.

  7. Hope you feel better soon!

    I know exactly what you mean about not having anything worth blogging about...seems to be a constant problem here sometimes.

    Making pictures out of gluing dried beans, cereals and pastas on heavy paper is fun...Lauren is too young for that, though. I wish I had more brilliant ideas. I like the pudding thing. I must keep that in mind for later. :)

  8. Hey thanks, I needed ideas too. Just an add on the the first fingerpaint idea..if you don't have big/or butcher block paper, use regular sized and put it in a large cookie/jellyroll pan (with edges) keeps the mess inside the pan for easy clean up (most of the time hee hee). Oh I also googled a recipe and made my own paint-flower water and food coloring I think. And when you girls get feeling better we should get togehter, I'm sure the girls could self entertain while we relax....

  9. You guys are all wonderful! Thanks for the ideas...I'll definitely be checking them out soon :)

  10. Oh and certainly you know about dance parties right....in your living room....good times and good exercise!!

  11. I just read this post at Owlhaven and thought you might be interested in some of the ideas: http://www.owlhaven.net/2009/08/13/homeschooling-with-preschoolers/


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