Thursday, June 25, 2009

Foreign Languages

Lauren has learned a new phrase this week. She frequently says 'thank you' now. Rather, she says 'tihn-tyouh.' Be still my heart. As a mom who loves all things polite and kind, these words are music to my ears.

A few nights ago, she helped me pick up all the books on the floor below the bookshelf. Placing each one carefully on the shelf, she looked sideways at me and said "tihn-tyouh!" each time. I tried not to take a bite out of her cute little cheeks right then and there, she was so adorable. The phone rang in the middle of our clean-up, so I left her there on her own. She kept saying her baby version of thank you as I walked away, and I felt proud of her politeness and cleaning skills.

Until the phone conversation ended (Really, it never began because I was speaking to a foreigner with an accent so indecipherable that she (he?) may as well have been singing her (his?) national anthem to me.) and I came back to the bookshelves, ready to be amazed at Lauren's organizational prowess.

Except, she'd graduated from replacing books, to removing whatever books were already shelved.

She sing-songed 'tihn-tyouh' each time she dropped a book on top of her growing pile.

We have a ways to go with the usage of this favorite phrase of mine.

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