Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why Ask What From?

Here is a sample conversation from sometime during the last month at our house:

Me: Come to the kitchen sweetie, it's dinner time.
Mia: No, I'm not READY yet! I'm STILL playing!!
Me: Sorry, babe, it's time to eat. Come here now.
Mia: What from?
Me: ....brow knit in concentration....Uhhh...from your...bedroom?

These conversations had a tendency to leave me confused for long periods of time. Another sample:

Mia: I think I want to go play outside mama, let's go!
Me: It's raining today baby, we have to stay inside.
Mia: What from?
Me: *bumfuzzled*

After several weeks of this question popping up in most every conversation, we had a breakthrough.

Mia: Do I get to go to school?
Me: Oh, I wish you could but there's no school today.
Mia: What from?
Me: slowly...I don't...understand...the question.
Mia: Weellllll, why is there no school today?
Me: the sun slowly rises in the east...WHY!!! WHAT FROM means WHY!!!

Now though, there's a new question in town. Since I asked her to clarify, her constant What From's have given way to why's.

No statement is exempt from immediate questioning.

Me: You're so goofy, Mia.
Mia: Why?
Me: Because you're just being silly, I guess.
Mia: Why?
Me: To make me laugh?
Mia: Why?

It's the age of reason, I suppose.

Also known as the age of insanity.


  1. Sweet- the broken record of Why's?! It's like a cruel milestone in parenthood that we all must endure. I've been spared it so far, but someday soon...

  2. Oh, my head hurts just reading this! Just wait 'til Lauren starts it, too. For the sake of your sanity I hope Mia is past this stage when Lauren starts! When our kids do this, Randy goes into a super-long detailed answer that takes about 5 minutes. After just one "why" they walk away befuddled!


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