Monday, May 18, 2009

Quote Unquote

Remember yesterday when I said about my wisdom teeth that "until I'm done nursing Lauren, these babies are staying put."?

This is me eating my words.

Rather, this is me pureeing my words into a thin and formless dribble that may be easily snuck past my angry third molars and down my throat without arousing the suspicion of said molars.

Which is how I'm now required to get my daily allotted caloric intake. One wisdom tooth erupting was bad enough, but apparently his rowdy neighbor across the roof got all jealous and decided to erupt as well. That's two eruptions. My whole upper jaw is throbbing. No chewing happens around here without excessive whining and crying on my part.

So the teeth, they must go.

I'm going to see my dentist this afternoon for an emergency x-ray and referral to an oral surgeon. My cotton wad fears must be pushed aside while I respond to this situation with maturity and responsibility.

Now, where's my puddin'?

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  1. I will be thinking of you! Good luck. I was down for so long because mine were impacted, which means, they had to cut my gums to remove the teeth before they came in. My dentist said there wasn't enough room for my teeth plus the wisdom teeth. Adam's were already in, so his removal was fine! We went to the movies later that night when he got his removed. Should we be discussing this BEFORE you have yours removed???


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