Thursday, May 28, 2009

And Here Are My Answers: Post Wisdom Teeth Removal

1. What if, while sedated for my wisdom teeth removal tomorrow (yesterday), I pee my pants in the operating chair? How embarrassing would that be?

Thankfully, this didn't happen. Or if it did, I didn't care because I was soooo sleepy. It would have been terribly embarrassing. I wonder if it's ever happened before?

2. Will Lauren still want to nurse after I've gotten all the anaesthesia out of my system, or will she have gotten used to cow's milk by then and offer me a simple peace out sign on her way to the fridge?

Jury's still out here; I'm not allowed to begin nursing again until 24 hours post op for the anaesthesia, and 12 hours after my last pain medication. But so far, she has NOT been interested in cups of warm milk. On the one hand, I'm glad because this may make her more likely to come back to me without a hitch. On the other hand, I worry about her getting enough calories to stay happy and sleep well at night. I think at this point we're nursing more for cuddle time than calories, though, so it's not too worrisome. No peace out signs have been sighted as of yet.

3. Will Justin want to have any more kids after having the sole guardianship of the girls while I'm conked out? (Or will he offer me a simple peace out sign on his way to the gym?)

Justin's done a great job by himself; I've only seen half of a peace out sign so far. I'll not tell you which half.

4. How big will my cheeks actually get?

The nurse said my worst swelling would be on the 3rd day after surgery. Right now I'm barely swollen. I'm hoping to keep it this way with lots of ice packs and minimal child lifting. I have naturally, um, robust cheeks so hopefully, I won't end up looking like this. Although he is a cutie.

Picture courtesy of Gr'Ma 'Lex

5. What if the anaesthesia doesn't take hold all the way, and I'm left lying there without any way to tell the surgeon that I can feel every slice and tug?

True story *blink blink*: I swear I woke up during the procedure and heard tools and voices working around me. I moaned and squeaked several times (I think...) and remember the surgeon saying something about giving me more medication before I drifted off again. However, I felt no pain, and saw nothing during this time; I was just woozy and barely conscious. Thank the Good Lord. This may be why I was numb and sleepy for a lot longer than I expected to be, post-op. I couldn't feel my lips and tongue until this morning, and I assume this is because he was extra cautious when giving me more numbing and sedation that second time. Or I could just be playing doctor here, and this is normal for everyone.

6. Is there any possible way for the surgeon and nurses, etc. to NOT notice the brand new shiny red pimple on the tippy tip of my nose? Will I, on some level of consciousness, hear their Rudolph jokes?

Well, if they missed the bullseye on my nose, they're sure to have noticed the bloody nose. I didn't notice until I got home and looked in the mirror that I had some dried blood just barely peeking out of my nostril. Awesome.

7. Will my brother manage to sneak a video camera into his pocket and get frightening proof of me being a stupidly drugged up wacko while he drives me home, despite my warnings of cruel and unusual punishment if he does so?

That brother of mine. I'm thankful that he took me to the appointment so Justin could be home with the girls during the lunch time/nap time rat-race, and he was great. He only laughed at me a few times (that I remember), although I'm pretty sure he snapped a picture with his iPhone. He's good at sneaking embarrassing pictures of me; when I went into labor with Mia, Justin was out of town so Eric came to take me to the hospital. We were both running around like chickens with no heads trying to decide what needed to come with us, but while I changed out of my pajamas he caught a picture of my hugely pregnant belly. I'll get him back someday. I may have to drug him first, but if that's what it takes...

On second thought, Eric doesn't embarrass easily so he'd probably broadcast the photos I'd take of him just because they're funny. *sigh*

8. How many days can I feign a medicated stupor before I'm required to step back into the daily routine of raising kids?

Turns out, I'm no good at this. Laying in bed gets old fast, especially when I envision the state of the kitchen or laundry. I can't help but get up to put a few things back where they go before I get scolded back into bed by my care-taking husband. Plus, I just feel a lot better than I expected to.

9. On the other hand, how many hours can I stand being away from my daughters' every movement, breath, and giggle?

I can stand to be away from the movements right now, because they cause me some pain. And the giggles, I can hear from down the hall. But what I need the most and cannot get enough of right now is snuggles. With silky-headed sniffs. I need to breathe them in.

10. Does Wendy's deliver Frosties?

Unfortunately not. But moms who read their daughter's blogs do. And errand-running husbands deliver frozen custards. Not bad a'tall.

On a side note, I got a cool t-shirt. It's black (my favorite kind of shirt) and says CROWD CONTROL, We'll Take 'Em Out. Very cool from a dental standpoint. I'll wear it proudly.

Thanks for your thoughts and comments while I whined about all of this stuff. What's a blog for if I can't let it all hang out, right? You guys are the greatest for listening and offering advice. If ever you need me to play Dr. Google on you, just let me know, 'kay?


  1. #3 is my favorite. And I'm so glad there was no pants pee-age.

  2. How can you make getting wisdom teeth out so FUNNY?!

    Still laughing!

    I was 15 when I had mine out. I stood up after surgery, announced I was ready to leave, and walked into the wall. :D

  3. Glad to hear everything has turned out okay...neighbor! Okay, not yet, but hopefully soon!

  4. Cortney, my fingers are soooo crossed for you to move to Missouri! We miss you guys already!

  5. I'm so glad to hear that you've survived the saga of removal. I keep thinking, "Call Sarah...check on her." Sorry for only thinking and not following through. Know you've been getting lots of prayers and kind wishes.

  6. Had mine out, no peeing in the pants, lots of swellling looked squirlish and then found out I was pregnant ,,,,(it was before the anesthesia!) That is what happened to Becky!!! BTW, rarely if ever does anyone pee under anesthesia.


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