Saturday, April 11, 2009

Only A Mom Would Have This Information

"Have you seen my earplugs?" asks Justin as he's getting ready to mow the lawn.

Absentmindedly, I tell him to check behind the furthest couch cushion.

He wanders to the couch, eyeing me suspiciously. I can see that he's sure I've sent him on a wild goose chase, or that I'm trying to prove a point about him looking first and asking later. But when he digs a hand into the cushions, he comes back with the missing earplugs. A miracle.

I swear, the space in my brain gets more and more cluttered as I store these mundane things inside it.

This is why I forget things like, I don't know, just as a hypothetical example, putting the towels in the dryer before they begin to smell like rotten mildew.

Not that I'd do that particular forgetful thing.

May your Easter Weekend be full of things you're glad to remember.

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