Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Breakfast Bath

When Mia was a baby, she got a series of rashes that were never diagnosed as anything in particular. They were just a nuisance. We assumed she had sensitive skin, and tried to relieve the rash-itch with several different lotions and treatments. Nothing made the rash disappear, and we don't really know if anything helped it feel much better - her being a baby and not able to talk kept us kind of in the dark.

As she grew up though, the rashes became few and far between until they eventually stopped altogether. No more sensitive skin! No more red bumps marring her perfect skin! Hurray!

Except, not so much. That same rash is back again, only this time she can talk. About the rash. All day. But that's not the point.

The point is, she's old enough to be involved with taking care of the problem. She asks for lotion or rash cream when she gets particularly itchy, and last night I offered her one more option.

We had some leftover oatmeal bath from her baby rashes, and I hoped these would soothe her itching for a while. I told her about this 'special' bath she could take, and she was really excited; Not for it's soothing properties, but for it's silly properties. She thought it was hilarious that she'd be bathing in oatmeal. I didn't correct her line of thinking - the wheels were turning behind her thoughtful eyes, and I could see her imagining herself swimming in a tub full of warm Quaker Oatmeal.

Later, as we were getting everything ready for bathtime (translation: trying to keep Lauren's hands out of the toilet as we gathered towels, jammies, etc.) she kept asking if she could have her oatmeal bath yet, please!

Being somewhat preoccupied by all the baby-in-toilet action, I kept putting Mia off with distracted answers. Not being content with my inattention to her needs (The oatmeal bath! Please?!) she took matters into her own hands.

As we were drying Lauren's freshly washed toilet-water hands, Mia came around the corner waving a bag of instant oatmeal she'd dug out of the pantry.

"OoooKAAAY!! Heeeeere's my OATMEEEAL! It's time for my breakfast bath! Let's go mama!" She shook the bag triumphantly, proud that she'd found a way around my annoying bath postponement.

Even when I told her it would be an entirely different kind of oatmeal bath, she still didn't lose her joyful anticipation.

Good grief. If my kids were any cuter, I'd just about die from adoration.

Toilet water soaked, oatmeal bathed, red bumpy rashed as they may be.


  1. That is too funny! I can just picture her marching around shaking her package of oatmeal. Hopefully you can find out what is causing the mystery rash...

  2. You're killing me with cuteness! It is so much fun to be a mom. ;)


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